An iphone on a blue background. On the phone's screen is a picture of the SCPS logo with a "download" button. The text around the phone reads "Stay Connected with our new app."
Blue background with ESSER Funds Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief
purple geometric background with white text reading "Schools Earn Virginia Purple Star Awards." The purple star logo is to the left of the text.
A laptop on a vaporwave background. The screen reads "Spotsy Online."
Graphic that reads "VDOE Parent Involvement Survey"
Gray background with a red sigh with white text reading "Cancelled."
Navy blue background with a white and yellow megaphone shouting "We're holding a job fair" in bold black and gold text. The words are inside of a speech bubble coming out of the megaphone.
A dark blue graphic with white dots, the wifi symbol and the words "Internet Assistance"
Rock Out Knock Out Homelessness
Several calendar pages with dates are flipping through the air. In a white box that mimics a phone notification with a bell icon, black words read "Calendar Update"
"Impact Aid information" is written in bold yellow and white text on a blue background that resembles crumbled paper texture.
Black and gold graphic reading "congratulations mrs. fabiana parker, va teacher of the year 2023" with gold glitter
blue and orange graphics that says Awards and Recognitions
Blue background with orange and yellow arcs with a clothesline with shirts hanging from the arcs. There's white text reading "Dressing Day Event" above the clothes.
Hearing and Vision Screening eye chart and headphones
Meritorious Budget Award Recipient Logo
VDOE Teacher of the Year 2023 Logo
Superintendent Search Update logo
a black and yellow image reading "staying safe with spotsy schools"