School Board Governance Policy

The School Board is a corporate body vested with all the duties, obligations, and responsibilities imposed upon a School Board by law. This includes the ability to sue, be sued, contract, be contracted with, and purchase, take, hold, lease, and convey school property, both real and personal.

At the time of appointment or election to office, each member of the School Board must be a qualified voter, bona fide resident of the county and district they represent, and meet any other criteria set forth in state law.  If a Board member ceases to be a resident of the county or the district which he/she represents, the position on the School Board shall be deemed vacant.

The officers of the School Board shall be a Chairman and Vice-Chairman:

Chairman - The duties of the Chairman shall be to preside at all meetings of the School Board, perform such other duties as may be prescribed by law or by action of the School Board, and sign all legal documents approved by the School Board.  The Chairman has a vote on all matters before the School Board which come to a vote, but does not have an additional vote as Chairman in case of a tie.

Vice-Chairman - The duties of the Vice-Chairman shall be to preside in the absence of the Chairman and shall be empowered to act in all matters in case of the absence or inability of the Chairman to act or as provided by resolution of the School Board.

School Board Nondiscrimination Policy

The Spotsylvania County Public School Board is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination with regard to sex, gender, race, color, national origin, disability, religion, ancestry, age, marital status, genetic information, or any other characteristics protected by law.  This commitment will prevail in all its policies and practices concerning staff, students, educational programs and services, and individuals and entities with whom the Board does business.

Meeting Information

The Spotsylvania County Public School Board meets on the second Monday of every month, unless otherwise noted, in the Board Meeting Room of the  Administrative Services Building, 8020 River Stone Drive, Fredericksburg, Virginia.   All meetings are open to the public.  Anyone requiring special accommodations should contact the Clerk's office (540.834.2500) at least two days prior to the meeting to discuss the required accommodations.

Contact the Board

Dr. Lorita Daniels, Chair

Dr. Lorita C. Daniels, Chair

Salem District

Nicole Cole, Vice Chair

Ms. Nicole Cole, Vice Chair

Battlefield District

April Gillespie

Mrs. April Gillespie

Berkeley District

Belen Rodas

Ms. Belen Rodas

Chancellor District

Carol Medawar

Dr. Carol Medawar

Courtland District

Lisa A. Phelps

Mrs. Lisa A. Phelps

Lee Hill District

Megan Jackson

Ms. Megan Jackson

Livingston District