The Spotsylvania School Board will be considering a Prepackaged Food Donation policy at their February 13th meeting.

If enacted, this policy will create a process in which people can donate prepackaged food, such as snacks for schools.

Details include:
- A one stop drop-off location and date for prepackaged food donations.
- All donated prepackaged food would be inspected for tampering, expiration dates, and allergens.
- Prepackaged food donations would be approved by the school board in the same manner as any donation.
- Individuals or businesses who donate prepackaged food can designate which school they are supporting.
- The policy would not affect in-school teacher/student birthday parties, weekend food bags, after school sporting events, (Non-Shelf Stable) fresh fruits or vegetables, donated school supplies, or existing arrangements between school social workers and non-profits, such as the food bank.