Incident at Riverbend High School

Spotsylvania County Public Schools is investigating an altercation involving multiple students at Riverbend High School during instructional hours on the morning of January 17, 2023. The altercation resulted in one student requiring transport to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office School Resource Deputies immediately responded to the incident. The Sheriff’s Office is investigating further in conjunction with SCPS, including any potential link to a prior altercation after school hours on January 13. The Sheriff’s Office reports eight students will face charges. Additionally, appropriate disciplinary action on the school level is being taken with those involved in the incident.

Riverbend High School administration has requested additional deputies be present on campus for the remainder of the week to provide a reassuring presence for students and staff. Administration has received several phone calls and emails about potential threats to student safety based solely on speculation about the presence of additional deputies, but all of those reports have been fully investigated and proven to be not credible. The increased presence of law enforcement at Riverbend High School is purely a precautionary measure, and not in response to any current threat.

The student injured in Tuesday’s altercation is expected to be released from the hospital today.

SCPS is dedicated to providing a safe learning environment, and threats and violence that disrupt that mission are not tolerated. Due to the sensitive nature of this incident, and the ages of those involved, we respectfully ask that our community demonstrate restraint and cease circulating the video further online.

In accordance with our mission to provide a safe learning environment, SCPS has a fully confidential 24/7 tip line available to students to call and report any school-related safety concerns, including threats, weapons, drug and substance abuse, bullying, and more. The tip line is consistently monitored and available at 540-834-2549.