2022-2023 Teachers of the Year

2022-2023 Teachers of the Year

*Battlefield Elementary- Laura Brooks- Special Education Teacher (Division Winner)

Ms. Laura Brooks treats every day as a new day for students going above the call of duty to make sure students are successful and their needs are met. She spreads excitement and cheer and is described as dedicated and passionate and her positivity is contagious. 

Berkeley Elementary- Erick Grabman-4th Grade Teacher

Mr. Erick Grabman is a hard-working, dedicated teacher that other teachers strive to be like.  He welcomes feedback and has a vast amount of content knowledge to share with his students and colleagues. His high expectations have led to tremendous success with his students.

Brock Road Elementary- Todd Miller-5tgh Grade Teacher

Mr. Todd Miller has a knack for connecting his personal passion for music with learning in his classroom.  His enthusiasm and ability to create a safe and welcoming environment for his students is remarkable.  It is truly a place that inspires self-confidence and motivation in each and every student.

Cedar Forest Elementary- Rebecca Whitford-1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Rebecca Whitford is looked up to by her colleagues, students, and the community. She always does what is best for students and is a great teacher. You will often find Mrs. Whitford going above and beyond for others at our school.

Chancellor Elementary- Ashley Thompson-Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Ashley Thompson feels extremely lucky to be able to learn from colleagues, inspire a love for learning in students and follow her dream and passion for teaching.  She is described as “spunky” and she provides exciting engaging activities for her students every day.

Courthouse Road Elementary-Abby Hayden-4th Grade Teacher

Ms. Abby Hayden is a phenomenal teacher who builds strong relationships, sets high expectations, and consistently strives to improve her own professional knowledge as a teacher leader. She brings a positive dynamic to her school and is a role model for others. 

Courtland Elementary- Megan Laskowski-Library Media Specialist

Ms. Megan Laskowski’s leadership and high expectations for all students have created a standard for others to follow.  Her passion for creating an engaging and enthusiastic learning environment inspires students, staff, and families. 

Harrison Road Elementary- Diana Yearsley-Special Education Teacher

Ms. Diana Yearsley is an enthusiastic, hard-working teacher with an amazing work ethic.  Her expertise is utilized throughout our building and she works collaboratively with staff members and is a role model to others for building home-school connections. 

Lee Hill Elementary- Megan Hudson- 1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Megan Hudson is a teacher that dedicates the time needed to collaborate with and impart knowledge to her colleagues so that more lives can be positively impacted beyond her classroom walls. She is constantly strengthening her own effectiveness which is evident in how she teaches, guides, and loves her students.

Livingston Elementary- Jennifer Binns-Library Media Specialist

Ms. Jennifer Binns builds positive two-way relationships with her students and provides a safe environment for them to learn.  She promotes a love for literacy through student-centered activities, small group lunches, and school-wide reading initiatives. 

Parkside Elementary-Anna Van Theemsche-1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Anna Van Theemsche is a creative, innovative, and motivational leader.  She looks forward to new challenges and is an inspiration to her students, her team, and her school.  She is described as “the change that we need in education today”!

Spotsylvania Elementary- Caroline Beacorn-School Counselor

Ms. Caroline Beacorn is committed to developing the skills in students that go beyond the classroom.  She is a role model for teachers and students alike.  She has worked hard to build positive and professional relationships with families through frequent and effective communication.  

Salem Elementary- Karen Nelson-3rd Grade Teacher

Ms. Karen Nelson works tirelessly to create a positive and differentiated learning environment in her classroom.  She is a role model for other teachers and shares her creativity, knowledge, and encouragement with everyone. She is described as loyal, sincere, energetic, and amazing!

Smith Station Elementary- Amy Campbell-1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Amy Campbell is a veteran teacher with high expectations for learning.  Students thrive under her guidance and learn to believe in themselves.  She is also a wealth of knowledge to her teammates and school community.

Spotswood Elementary- Nicole Mangum-4th Grade Teacher

Ms. Nicole Mangum believes in students and knows that they can achieve great success with the right support.  She is a veteran teacher and leader that knows the importance of relationships.  She knows that the time spent nurturing a relationship will reap great rewards for each and every student, family, and colleague that she works with. 

Wilderness Elementary- Bridgette Gipson-5th Grade Teacher

Ms. Bridgette Gipson has a natural talent for developing and fostering relationships with each of her students. Her inspiration is motivating and contagious to her colleagues.  She treats everyone with the utmost respect and knows no strangers.  She has been described as a caring and loving teacher that always wears a smile on her face.

Battlefield Middle- Katherine Fatiga-History Teacher

Ms. Katherine Fatiga passionately believes that when education impacts the real world, students are engaged, and the community and school partner in an active learning journey together.  Her Modern Classroom Model has individualized learning for her students and provided a clear path for access.  She is described as an innovative teacher leader that others look to for ideas and guidance.

Chancellor Middle- Vanessa Sekinger-Reading Specialist

Ms. Vanessa Sekinger is making a difference in her school community by empowering and intrinsically motivating other teachers.  She creates positive relationships in her building by listening, respecting, and including all perspectives in different situations. 

Freedom Middle- Cheryl Gallello-School Counselor

Ms. Cheryl Gallello addresses her students' mental health needs that create obstacles to their academics, career success, and social and emotional development.  She collaborates with many colleagues throughout our county and is a leader and role model to other counselors.  

Ni River Middle- Kristin Welton-Oswalt-Special Education Teacher

Ms. Kristin Welton-Oswalt stays relevant and innovative to continue to reach our students in interesting and engaging ways. She is never satisfied with the status quo and is always looking for individual and collective improvement.  Students and staff alike are drawn to her. 

Post Oak Middle- Toni Madison-Math Teacher

Ms. Toni Madison epitomizes how a modern teacher plans for instruction, teaches class, works with students, communicates with families, and collaborates with colleagues. She believes that getting to know her students, building a relationship, and cultivating a positive learning environment makes all of the rest fall into place.

Spotsylvania Middle-Kim Carryer-Science Teacher

Ms. Kim Carryer is always looking for ways to help students.  She is always thinking outside of the box to keep them engaged.  Her leadership in the building is valued by administrators and colleagues and parents find her communications skills to be invaluable.

Thornburg Middle- Monique Fortune-Special Education Teacher

Ms. Monique Fortune’s dedication to providing differentiated learning opportunities for students and her collaboration with colleagues, students, and families has contributed greatly to the school culture of respect and success.  Her leadership and professionalism is respected by all groups she serves and works with.

Chancellor High- Jacqueline Berkes-Science Teacher

Ms. Jacqueline Berkes continually seeks to improve her own skills and support her colleagues and is regarded as an in-house expert in her field. Her positivity and authentic interactions with students have enabled her to reach even the most reluctant learners. 

Courtland High- Andrea Jones-Spanish Teacher

Ms. Andrea Jones has pioneered innovative teaching concepts and strategies in World Language classes in SCPS and beyond.  She is described as a great leader and collaborator who has earned the respect and admiration of her colleagues. 

Massaponax High- Cyndi Pomeroy-Special Education Teacher

Ms. Cyndi Pomeroy believes that all students deserve access to an engaging education with compassion, care, and determination to see their own potential to learn and be successful.  Cyndi goes above and beyond her educator duties to engage and support all students.

Riverbend High- Lawrence Letellier-Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Lawrence Letellier is known for his enthusiasm, humor, and rigor.  His delivery style is said to be “one of the most engaging I’ve ever witnessed”.  Students and adults alike, enter his room and don’t want to leave. He is a trusted and humble leader that is always researching and eager to learn more and share what he knows.

Spotsylvania High- Ryan Champney-ITRT

Mr. Ryan Champney goes above and beyond to collaborate with all stakeholders in his building and in the community.  His ability to connect and cultivate collaborative relationships with staff has allowed him to step forward as a leader.  He exhibits kindness and professionalism even when being pulled in many different directions.

SCTC- Sarah Dornan-ITRT

Ms Sarah Dornan strives to make real lasting changes in every position that she is in.  Her ability to reach and teach students and staff of all backgrounds and abilities means that she provides more than an educational experience; she provides connections and life skills that benefit students, staff, and the community for years to come. 

John J Wright ECC-Catherine  Brown-Alternative Ed Math Teacher

Ms. Catherine Brown is an empathetic listener who has the maturity and experience to maintain best practices on an individual level.  She fosters relationships with her students so that they feel safe and supported in order for them to get the most out of their learning. 

RJDC- Monteiz Hicks-History, EPF, and Math Teacher

Ms. Monteiz Hicks believes that when respect becomes the norm, student engagement, academic performance, and behaviors improve.  She exemplifies a model teacher who goes above and beyond for her students.