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Welcome to Spotsylvania County Public Schools!

Welcome to Spotsylvania County, Virginia!  

Spotsylvania County is located between the Commonwealth of Virginia’s capitol of Richmond, VA, and Washington, D.C.  The County encompasses 414 square miles, with 13 square miles being water (Lake Anna), and is considered rural as 82% of the county’s land is undeveloped.  The County is home to 130,700 residents, and the School Division educates approximately 23,580 students each day.  The School Division is made up of 17 elementary schools, 7 middle schools, 5 high schools, a Career & Technical Center, and an Educational and Cultural Center. 

Since 1870, Spotsylvania County Public Schools has been serving the students of the county by providing them with quality education.  Over the past 146 years, the face of education has changed just as the faces of our children have changed.  Today, SCPS is tasked with educating over 23,950 students every day.  With the diversity within our community, it has become a necessity to think outside of the traditional education box in order to reach and engage our students and parents.   

Our Mission – Together, we prepare our students for their future.

Our Vision - We inspire and empower each students to develop essential skills and access multiple pathways in pursuit of their dreams.  Every day each child yearns to come to school, excited about learning.

Core Values – 

  • Quality - We pursue the highest standards of services delivery through collaborative and innovatove practices.

  • Equity - We provide resources and learning opportunities that meet the unique needs of each student.

  • Innovation - We area  future-focused, solution-driven organization that stimulates new processes and demands continuous improvement.

  • Inclusivity - We promote a culture that values and nurtures diversity, embracing the many voices and contributions of the entire school community.

  • Collaboration - We depend upon and are accountable to one another, advancing partnerships with students, families, staff, and community to support organizational excellence.

  • Citizenship - We commit to providing learning experiences and social-emotional support to develop responsible, respectful, and life-ready citizens.

  • Stewardship - We effectively manage and maximize the community's investment in our schools while fully engaging community partners to serve the complex needs of each child.

SCPS Purple Star Designated Schools: 

  • Spotswood Elementary School

  • Wilderness Elementary School