Child Find

Spotsylvania County Public Schools Child Find participates in an ongoing process of locating, evaluating and identifying children ages 2 (by September 30) through 5 (and not age-eligible for kindergarten) who are in need of special education services.

If you feel your child (ages 2-5) may have a delay or disability, please call our Child Find Office located in the Center for Family and Preschool Services Building at 540-582-7020 to schedule a free developmental screening.

For children who are 0 - 2 years of age, call 540-372-3561 for the Parent Education Infant Development Program (PEID). For children 5 by September 30th please call your local school. 


A developmental screening is a brief test to determine if a child is functioning at age level in the different areas of development such as personal/social skills, adaptive/self help skills, motor skills, communication skills and cognitive/thinking skills. The results of a developmental screening are helpful to the Child Find team to make a recommendation as to whether or not more specific testing needs to occur.