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In our mission to "Together, we prepare our students for their future," we are always looking to join forces with partners and  organizations who will help us make a bigger impact in the lives of the students we serve. With this in  mind, we are excited to introduce our newest partner, Purposity! 

If you knew a kid down the street had a simple need – say she needed sneakers for school – chances  are you’d help, right? But, it’s hard to know the needs of real people in your community because  there’s never been a way to connect the people who could really use help with the people who want to  offer it.  

Enter our new app partnership: Purposity. Its name comes from purpose + generosity, and it allows  you to quickly and easily lend a hand to our students.

By signing up, you’re sent one weekly notification with specific needs: it might be a winter jacket for  a student in one of our schools or household essentials for a family that lost its home in a fire. You decide if you want to help and meet a need in just a few clicks, right from your phone. You’ll know who you’re helping and why. It’s the simplest way to make an impact locally.  

To be a part of our Purposity movement, download the Purposity app in the App Store or Google Play, and follow Spotsylvania County Public Schools.