• Data is available starting July 2018. Data displayed is cumulative and will continue to be updated on a weekly basis following each billing period. Each new fiscal year (July-June) will have its own folder.

  • Be aware of exemptions. This tool excludes data and information that are confidential, private or protected under state and federal laws. Federal and state laws establish various exemptions from disclosure for certain categories of information to protect against certain harms, such as invasion of personal privacy, or harm to law enforcement investigations. Good business practice also protects private and confidential information of citizens and business partners, information related to pending legal matters, and information that could jeopardize public safety enforcement.

  • This tool is posted a week in arrears to protect our vendors.

Open Checkbook

The School Board, by resolution, appointed the school division’s Chief Financial Officer as the agent responsible for reviewing, examining and payment of all invoices. In the event of the Chief Financial Officer’s absence, the school division’s Director of Finance serves as the deputy agent. The Open Checkbook bill list is defined as an itemized list of charges/payments.

The Open Checkbook page represents an ongoing initiative to deliver transparency and accountability to our community. Be sure to check back often as we continue our efforts to expand the amount and quality of information made available.

This bill list is also posted on the Finance Department Website for citizen access and transparency purposes.

This list is processed and approved weekly.

Please click on the below buttons for bill lists for all fiscal years beginning with 2018-2019.