Architecture & Construction

Career Clusters are an organizing tool for curriculum design and instruction. Career Clusters provide the essential knowledge and skills for the 16 Career Clusters and their Career Pathways. It also functions as a useful guide in developing programs of study bridging secondary and postsecondary curriculum and for creating individual student plans of study for a complete range of career options. As such, it helps students discover their interests and their passions, and empowers them to choose the educational pathway that can lead to success in high school, college and career.

Employment Projections 2016-2026*

The Architecture & Construction cluster employed approximately 288,211 Virginians in 2016 and is projected to employ about 23,000 more Virginia workers in 2026. This represents approximately 8 percent growth in Virginia over the decade.  Our local area will experience higher occupational growth rates than the state average.  These figures are based on Trailblazers analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. *

Arts, A/V Technology and Communications

The Arts, A/V Technology and Communications cluster is about flexing your creativity, design, writing, performing, and multimedia skills.  Prepare for careers from graphic design to broadcast journalism through a focus on advanced technologies used in venues including corporate boardrooms, hotels and convention centers, classrooms, and museums. Career prospects for producers and directors are expected to increase as a result of new content delivery methods – such as watching TV online or on a mobile device – and the popularity of reality television.

Employment Projections: 2016-2026*

The Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications cluster employed approximately 49,500 Virginians in 2016 and is expected to employ about 2,600 additional workers in the Commonwealth by 2026. This represents about 5 percent growth in this cluster in Virginia over the decade. These figures are based on Trailblazers analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. *

Education and Training

The Education and Training cluster is about using your ability to motivate and your love of people to provide education and training that reaches individuals of all ages and across a range of industries. Careers include teaching in a classroom, leading as a college president and serving in your community as a social worker.

Increased enrollment in middle schools and larger class sizes should increase employment of middle school teachers. During this time period a number of older teachers are expected to retire, which is expected to improve job prospects for younger educators. Employment also is expected to increase for preschool teachers due to higher enrollment. The increased emphasis on early childhood education is driving the demand for pre-school teachers. Job prospects should be better for teachers with a bachelor’s degree and those who have prior experience working with preschool-aged children.

Employment Projections: 2016-2026*

The Education & Training cluster is expected to employ nearly 27,500 by 2026.  The Education & Training cluster is expected to have the fourth highest percentage of job growth in Virginia among all clusters through 2026 (13%).  These figures are based on Trailblazers analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. *

Health Sciences

The Health Science cluster is about using your love of science to help keep people healthy and treat those who are not. Work directly with people as a doctor or physical therapist or on your own by conducting research on diseases and other important health information. This field allows you to work in diverse environments such as hospitals, medical and dental offices, or labs.

An aging population is expected to increase so will the need for radiation therapists. Advancements in cancer treatment and detection also should boost the need for radiation therapists. There also will be a need for new nurses with an increase in the employment of registered nurses.  The expected increase in jobs is due to many reasons, including an older population that is likely to have more medical problems, and growing access to health care due to federal health insurance reform. Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics also should have favorable job prospects. Paramedics and EMTs will continue to be needed to care for sick and injured people during emergencies.

Employment Projections: 2016-2026*

The Health Science cluster is projected to exhibit the second-highest percentage of growth between 2016 and 2026 among all clusters in Virginia (21 percent), based on Trailblazers analysis of information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. * This cluster employed approximately 306,000 Virginians in 2016 and is expected to employ at least 64,000 more by 2026.

Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality & Tourism encompasses the management, marketing and operations of restaurants and other food services, lodging, attractions, recreation events and travel-related services.  There should be a greater need for chefs and head cooks as the population grows and people’s incomes increase. It is becoming more common for consumers to demand healthier food at restaurants, cafeterias, and grocery stores, so experienced chefs will be needed to help prepare these meals. Recreation workers lead leisure activities in recreation facilities, including playgrounds, parks, camps, and aquatic centers. As more resources are put toward fighting childhood obesity, more recreation workers will be needed to help guide children through physical activities. The need for food service managers is expected to increase because people will continue to eat out during this time period, so managers will be needed to supervise food establishments.

Employment Projections: 2016-2026*

The Hospitality & Tourism cluster employed approximately 486,000 Virginians in 2016 and is expected to employ about 58,000 more in 2026.  Based on Trailblazers calculations using data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this represents about 12 percent growth over the decade.  The Hospitality and Tourism Cluster is projected to have the greatest number of annual job openings among all the clusters between 2016 and 2026. *

Human Services

The Human Services cluster uses your skills in communication and problem solving to provide support to families and individuals with services from working in early childhood care to providing mental health services for older adults. This diverse Career Cluster allows you to work in a variety of settings including health care, spas, schools, and community centers.

It is expected that more social workers will be needed in the coming years.  There should be an even greater need for mental health and substance abuse social workers. This is partly due to the fact that drug offenders are increasingly being sent to treatment programs, as opposed to jail, where they are treated by social workers.  The massage therapy industry also should see a boost in workers. In recent years the popularity of massage clinic franchises has increased, offering consumers more affordable massages, and increasing the need for massage therapists. Job prospects will be better for massage therapists who are licensed in states that require it. However, professionals entering the field should also be aware that it takes time to build a client base. 

Employment Projections: 2016-2026*

According to Trailblazers analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data, The Human Services Career Clusters is expected to grow by 27% by 2026 in Virginia, which is the highest projection of all the career clusters.  Slightly more than 109,823 Virginians were employed in this cluster in 2016, and about 36,000 more are expected by 2026. *

Information Technology

The Information Technology cluster uses your love of technology to learn how to design, develop and manage different types of software and hardware programs. Though this field requires a solid foundation in math and science as well as strong technical skills, there are careers in information technology in virtually every part of the economy.

Employment of computer and information research scientists is expected to increase. The demand for new and better technology will continue to grow, which will increase the employment of such workers. These professionals also will be needed to combat cyber-attacks, which are posing a larger threat to society. There should be a greater need for database administrators in the next decade. As companies store more data, these workers will be needed to manage the data so that analysts and stakeholders can understand it. Software developers also should see good job prospects. Mobile devices and tablets are becoming more popular, so software developers are increasingly needed to develop and upgrade mobile applications. Overall, more consumer products use software, which will drive the need for developers. 

Employment Projections: 2016-2026*

The Information Technology cluster is projected to expand by 17 percent between 2016 and 2026, which is the third highest percentage of growth among all clusters in the Commonwealth based on Trailblazers analysis of information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Our local area will experience higher occupational growth rates in the Information Technology Cluster. *

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

The Transportation, Distribution and Logistics cluster focuses on the areas of mechanics, mathematics and design to work in careers related to managing and moving everything from people to company products through a range of transportation services. As people continue to rely on automobiles, more automotive service technicians will be needed to perform maintenance and repair on vehicles. Many employers in the automotive field have a difficult time finding qualified technicians, so applicants with training or certifications should have better job prospects.

Employment Projections: 2016-2026*

The Transportation, Distribution & Logistics cluster employed approximately 273,000 Virginians in 2016 but is expected to employ about 16,000 in 2026. This increase of 9 percent is based on Trailblazers analysis of information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. * 

Assessment Center at SCTC

Spotsylvania County Assessment Center Overview:

A Vocational Evaluation helps students learn more about their aptitude for specific occupations.  It can provide a student with information about a variety of occupational opportunities available to them.  Students who complete a vocational evaluation will have additional information that can assist in planning for their high school program of study.

A Career Assessment helps students develop goals for IEP, 504, and career plans after high school. They will learn more about their aptitude for specific occupations, and experience career pathways they may not have considered before.

The Career Assessment will:

  • Provide information for working with school counselors on career goals

  • Motivate students through increased self-awareness of abilities and preferences

  • Be customized to reflect individual needs

  • Help develop students' goals for IEP, 504 plans, and career plans after high school.

Vocational Evaluation Objective: 

  • Students participating in a Career Assessment complete real or simulated work tasks. The evaluation will identify the strengths, aptitudes and potential of the student in attaining successful employment following graduation.

  • The evaluator administers tasks and makes observations regarding work habits, learning approaches, interests, and temperaments of the students being assessed.

  • A range of skills are assessed, including academic achievement levels, ability to follow instructions, learning/instructional methods, and memory skills. Perceptual skills are also evaluated, including visual, proprioceptive, kinesthetic, dexterity, fine motor, and gross motor coordination.

  • Students explore how to research a job and what the requirements are for successful employment in particular occupations.  

Who will benefit:

  • Students who want to know more about their abilities to find a career path, and gain valuable career training that will help them for years

  • Students who want to expand their class choices in high school

  • Students who want to learn new skills that will set them up for success in a variety of industries

  • Students who are unsure of their interests and abilities

  • Students who want to explore program options at the Spotsylvania Career and Technical Center 

OUTCOME:  The written report of the Career Assessment will provide important job-specific information that can be used to develop IEP goals, Transition and 504 Plans. The information may also initiate further career exploration and educational counseling. The reports can support efforts of post-graduation services to help students find appropriate career training and employment.


Referrals can be made by: 

  • Parents

  • Teachers (including special education)

  • School Counselors

  • Case Managers (IEP or 504)

  • School Administrators

Vocational Evaluators: 

  1. Michael Cornell -

    • Responsible for: Riverbend, Chancellor and Massaponax High School Students.  

  2.  Paula Montes de Oca -

    • Responsible for: Courtland and Spotsylvania High School Students.  


Veterinary Science

Ms. Svoboda -


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