Ms. Svoboda -  lsvoboda@spotsylvania.k12.va.us

    • Two year program offered at SCTC

    • Teaching future generations about the veterinary field

    • Offering insight into career opportunities available in the animal industry

    • Giving ‘real-world’, hands on experiences in a laboratory setting

    • Providing an opportunity to enter the veterinary workforce directly out of high school

    • Providing the knowledge to continue on to a higher education in the field



    • Animal Behavior and Handling

    • Integrity

    • Laboratory Procedures

    • Basic Grooming

    • Client Care (Receptionist) Tasks

    • Critical Thinking

    • Hospital Procedures

    • Examinations

    • Communication

    • Record Keeping

    • Teamwork



    • Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA)

      • CVA provides students with a significant advantage when entering the workforce

      • Two year completers can apply and sit for national exam

        • Need to have ‘hands on’ hours outside the classroom


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