JROTC in the CHCORI Battalion

  • Cadre: Two retired U.S. Army soldiers are the JROTC instructors and bring years of experience serving in the Army and teaching JROTC to the CHCORI. 
    • Army Instructor MSG (R) Mose Mallard 
    Cadets: The CHCORI Battalion Army JROTC unit is one with a unique organization. The CHCORI battalion is stationed at the Spotsylvania Career and Technical Center. It has cadets from three of the high schools. The battalion has cadets that attend Chancellor, Courtland, and Riverbend High Schools. Each school is organized into it’s own company. Cadets may attain positions in either their respected company or in the battalion headquarters. Regardless of their “home” school, every cadet has the opportunity to advance. The battalion takes its name by combining the first letters from each of the high schools; CH – from Chancellor, CO from Courtland, and RI from Riverbend. Combined the letters form CHCORI. Officially, the battalion is sponsored by Courtland High School. Hence, we are the Courtland High School JROTC CHCORI Battalion.
    Mission: The mission of Army JROTC is “to motivate young people to be better citizens.” The entire program is devoted to the growth of its cadets. The program will teach the value of citizenship, leadership, service to the community, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment while instilling a sense of self-esteem, teamwork, and self-discipline. JROTC teaches self-discipline confidence, and pride in a job well done. 
    It also offers cadets the following challenges and opportunities: 
    • Sharpen communication skills 
    • Promote and encourage citizenship though participation in community service projects 
    • Develop leadership potential 
    • Strengthen self-esteem 
    • Improve physical fitness 
    • Provide incentives to live drug-free 
    • Promote graduation from high school and develop a solid foundation for career development 
    Battalion Mission: The CHCORI Battalion Army JROTC motivates cadets to be better citizens by providing a safe, spirited, supportive environment that fosters physical & intellectual growth through diverse activities & challenges that combine to instill qualities necessary for being productive individuals in today’s society. 
    Organization: The CHCORI Cadet Corps is organized as a Battalion with the following elements: 
    • Battalion Headquarters and Staff has cadets from all schools 
    • Three (3) letter companies
      •  Alpha Cougars (Courtland) 
      • Bravo Bears (Riverbend) 
      • Charlie Chargers (Chancellor) 
    • Special Units (Cadets from all schools serve on the special units)
      • Academic 
      • Color Guard units 
        • Battalion 
        • Alpha Company 
        • Bravo Company 
        • Charlie Company 
      • Drill 
      • Honor Guard 
      • Raiders