Residential Wiring/Electricity

  • Instructor: Jeff Autry       
    Contact information:
    Course #’s 8533, 8534


    DO YOU –

    • Enjoy working with your hands?
    • Learn things visually?
    • Have an interest in construction, electrical wiring, or alarm systems?
    • Like to problem solve?
    • Want to see tangible results when you learn?
    • Then this class might be for you!


    2 YEAR Program beginning grade 11 and completing grade 12


    Students are expected to complete the OSHA safety training in order to earn an OSHA 10 Card.  Students are also eligible to take International Code Council Exam.


    Residential Wiring/Electricity I    Credit: 4 Units Offered Grade 11
    Students develop skill in the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of residential, commercial and industrial electrical systems.  They study electrical theory, navigate the National Electrical Code Book, select and install conductors and work with panel boards, switchboard and generators. Students use a variety of hands-on classroom activities to master wiring concepts and test electrical appliances. Workplace readiness skills of teamwork, communication, problem solving, positive work ethic and integrity are emphasized.


    Residential Wiring/ Electricity II    Credit: 2 Units Offered Grade 12      Prerequisites: Electricity I
    Students in Electricity II study basic electronics, electrical procedures for maintenance, and the service and repair of AC and DC electric motors. Students learn the theory of electricity and electronics, mathematics as it applies to electricity and wiring, along with the reading of schematics and other scientific principles. Navigation of the National Electrical Code is also covered.  Class work includes a variety of wiring projects both in the classroom and occasionally outside the classroom. Workplace readiness skills of teamwork, communication, problem solving, positive work ethic and integrity are emphasized.


    Additional Information:

    • Students are expected to wear appropriate safety gear and uniforms in the lab, shop shirts are provided, as are safety glasses and hard hats. Students should have boots they can wear in class.
    •  Students are expected to join the Career and Technical Student organization SkillsUSAand SkillsUSA Virginia 
    • Students who complete two years of this course successfully are eligible to enter the Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program at level 2 towards journeyman licensure.



    • Electrician – Residential/Commercial
    • Building inspector
    • Security/Fire Alarm System Installer/Repairer
    • Electrical Engineering Technician
    • Building Maintenance
    • Construction Project Manager
    • Instructor