Dental Careers 1 and 2

  • Instructor: Tamara Banks      
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    DO YOU –

    • Enjoy working with your hands?
    • Want to enter the dental profession?
    • Have an interest in oral care?
    • Enjoy working with people?
    • Have a positive attitude?
    • Want to see tangible results when you learn?
    • Then this class might be for you!


    2 YEAR Program beginning grade 11 and completing grade 12


    Students will be eligible to take the Virginia Department of Education Radiation Safety Certification Exam.  Passage of the exam makes students eligible for externship and future employment as a dental assistant


    Dental Careers I      
    Credit: 4 Units               
    Offered Grade 11
    Students are introduced to the careers in dentistry, including dentist (general and specialists), hygienist, dental assistant, dental laboratory technician, and dental receptionist. Students practice and learn about many of the skills utilized in these professions while attaining all the skills necessary to become entry-level dental assistants. Study includes infection control and OSHA standards; anatomy and physiology; tooth morphology; oral histology; preventive dentistry; applied psychology; effective communication; office administration and management; use of dental software; operative dentistry techniques; and dental materials/laboratory skills.

    Recommended prerequisite(s): Biology, Chemistry, Keyboarding 6150/6151, and Introduction to Health and Medical Sciences 8302


    Dental Careers II   
    Credit: 4 Units                 
    Offered Grade 12     
    Prerequisites: Dental Careers I
    Dental 2 curriculum includes studies in medical emergencies, coronal polishing, oral pathology, nutrition, schedule IV drugs and pharmacology, and advanced laboratory techniques.  students practice  performing infection control techniques, managing hazardous chemicals and waste, assisting with pharmacology and pain control, meeting the needs of the special patient, performing radiographic procedures, demonstrating chair side procedures, performing laboratory procedures and learning how to gain and maintain employment in the dental field.   Eligible students will participate in clinical rotations with local dental offices during the second half of the year, putting all of their knowledge and skills to practical use.  Students must be able to provide their own dependable transportation to and from their assigned dental office.  Dental office assignments will be changed periodically so students have a variety of clinical experiences.  Purchase of a specific dental uniform is required to be eligible to participate in the clinics. Parents will be required to attend an information meeting about the clinical experience prior to the start of the school year.


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