Culture of Learning and Growth

The Teaching and Learning Framework is supported by and dependent upon a culture of continuous learning and growth. If we expect our students to develop a growth mindset and take ownership of their own learning as they develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to support their future, we must model those practices as adults. We, as educators, must develop and maintain the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to support our students’ continuous learning and growth. Since the dynamic interplay between teaching and learning processes in today's classroom are ever changing, we must create a system that supports continuous learning and growth for adults as well as students every day to maintain a student-centered focus.

Professionalism is evident in highly effective, growth-oriented education systems. In SCPS, professionalism includes developing and maintaining skills, behaviors, and attitudes that reflect our core values identified in the Strategic Plan, and supports collaboration and teamwork among both adults and students working and learning together. Possessing and sustaining the passion to teach, to learn, to change, and to positively impact colleagues and students requires a culture that is growth-oriented, innovative, and willing to adapt and accept new challenges.

Developing and maintaining a culture of continuous learning and growth depends on continuous adult professional learning, leadership learning, and requires all adults to function as a professional learning system (learning organization) in every building, every day. A learning system is an organization that recognizes that the core to success is learning for all educators and students. Successful K-12 learning systems attribute their success to investment in the organization’s people and ensuring that the people have the knowledge and skills to be successful in their work with students (Learning Forward, 2015). As a learning organization, daily practices are organized around learning for adults and for students.