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What is Olweus?

Olweus is a Bullying Prevention Program that has been proven to prevent or reduce bullying throughout a school setting. All students and staff participate in the program with the goals of reducing any existing bullying, preventing any new bullying situations, and developing positive peer relationships.
There are 4 Core Components of the program:
*Training ALL staff on Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
*Establish a OBPP Coordinating Committee that  keeps staff focused on the program and its goals
* Introduce and advertise school rules against bullying
*Hold kick-off event and follow-up events to support the program 
*Administer annual bullying questionnaire to collect and analyze data
*Involve parents
*Class meetings to discuss bullying, conflict resolution, character education, and build relationships among students
*Post and enforce school-wide rules against bullying
*Teacher interventions when bullying is reported
*Teacher meetings with grade level teams and parents 
*Supervision of students
*On the spot interventions
*Consequences for bullying behavior
*Incentives for "bully blocking" behavior 
*Develop partnerships with community members to support the program
*Help spread anti-bullying messages throughout the community