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Superintendent Recommends FY 2021 Budget

Spotsylvania County Public Schools (SCPS) Superintendent Dr. S. Scott Baker presented the recommended FY 2021 Budget to the Spotsylvania County School Board on January 21, 2020.  The FY2021 Budget continues to focus on three overarching priorities:

  • Attracting, Retaining, and Investing in High Quality Teachers and Staff
  • Increasing Student Learning and Achievement
  • Supporting Safe, Engaging, and Equitable Learning Environments

To support these priorities, Dr. Baker’s recommended $342.8 million budget includes an additional $6.4 million investment in teacher and support staff compensation.  An additional investment of $835,576 includes a tiered longevity salary increase for school bus drivers, a 4% increase in athletic and academic stipends and a $5 per day increase for substitute teachers.  It also recommends adding middle school assistant coaches for existing sports.

“The recommended FY21 budget delivers on the School Board’s commitment to increase compensation for all staff in alignment with the 2017 Evergreen Compensation Study recommendations and to support the continued priority of securing a high quality staff.  Every day our teachers, support staff, and leaders are making a profound and enduring impact on the learning and lives of our almost 24,000 students. We must continue to recognize and reward their work,” said SCPS Superintendent Dr. Baker.

In addition to a recommended 4% increase for all teachers and support staff and a 3% increase for administrative staff, the budget also includes an investment in 62 new positions to support growth in student populations of Students with Disabilities, English Language Learners, and the increasing social emotional learning needs of our students.  There is also an increased investment in division literacy support. 

Positions recommended include an increase in Early Childhood Special Education Teachers, Special Education Teachers and Para Educators, School Counselors, School Social Workers, English Language Learner Teachers, General Education Teachers, and Lead Literacy Coaches.

“Despite lingering fiscal constraints, expectations and requirements for public schools and school systems have never been greater.  This recommended budget continues to ‘put first things first,’ which are the needs of our students and staff,” said SCPS Superintendent Dr. Baker.  “A significant increase in resource support is critical if we are to truly advance equitable access and outcomes for students.”   

Dr. Baker’s recommended budget is aligned with the Division’s ENGAGE 2025 Strategic Plan goals of Student Learning, Student & Staff Well-Being, Professional Growth & Organizational Resources, and Community Engagement. 

SCPS relies on State, Local, and Federal funding for the needed School Budget revenue.  SCPS is projected to receive 45.55% percent of its FY 2021 budget from the State, 39.43% from the locality, and just 5.09% from Federal sources.  It is important to note that based on the current needs-based proposed budget there is currently a $3.9 million projected funding GAP. The FY 2021 proposed budget has an increase of 0.79% percent over the FY 2020 Adopted Budget.  More than 77% of the division’s operating budget (excluding required debt service) is allocated to instruction.  

Dr. Baker added, “Required increases in state VRS contributions coupled with the continued increase in our Local Composite Index, have resulted in our school division receiving less funding from the state that expected and needed.  While we are at the beginning of the budget process, I am pleased with the collaboration and initial support being provided by the County administrator and staff. We remain hopeful that by April, the needed revenue will be provided to fully fund the budget.” 

Details and additional information about the FY 2021 budget are available on the SCPS division website at

Superintendent Proposed FY2021 Presentation