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2019 SCPS Teachers of the Year

2019 Division Teacher of the Year - Michaela Godfrey, English Teacher, Freedom MS 
2019 Mentor Teachers of the Year:
  • Jackie Epling, Ni River MS
  • Cyndi Wheeler, Livingston ES
  • Mary-Meaghan Clark, Spotsylvania HS
2019 New Teachers of the Year:
  • Alissa Winters, Spotswood ES
  • Alyssa Bradley, Freedom MS
  • Brian Leich, Chancellor HS
Congratulations to Our Distinguished Teachers of the Year for 2019

Battlefield ES - Sarah Beverly, 3rd Grade Teacher

Berkeley ES - Kim Spano, 5th Grade Teacher

Brock Road ES - Rebecca Behring, Art Teacher

Cedar Forest ES - Mary Grace Bradley, Special Education Teacher

Chancellor ES - Jessica Fisher, 2nd Grade Teacher

Courthouse Road ES - Kim Ragaini-Smith, 1st Grade Teacher

Courtland ES - Jillian Levis, Special Education Teacher

Harrison Road ES - Angela Chonko, 5th Grade Teacher

Lee Hill ES - Jennifer Costa, 1st Grade Teacher

Livingston ES - Kristine Boyd, Library/Media Specialist

Parkside ES - Meadow Davis, Kindergarten Teacher

Riverview ES - Amy Moore, Kindergarten Teacher

Robert E Lee ES -Ashley Clark, Kindergarten Teacher

Salem ES - Jeanie Carr, Art Teacher

Smith Station ES - Amy Hope, Library/Media Specialist

Spotswood ES - Tracie Logan, 3rd Grade Teacher

Wilderness ES - Kathleen Pellegreen, Music Teacher

Battlefield MS - Melinda Knowlton, Special Education Teacher

Chancellor MS - Kimberly Armistead, Special Education Teacher

Freedom MS - Michaela Godfrey, English Teacher

Ni River MS - Sara Townsend, Civics Teacher

Post Oak MS - Sheila McCullough, Health and Physical Education Teacher

Spotsylvania MS - Ryan Longfellow, World History Teacher

Thornburg MS - Risa Florip, Science Teacher

Chancellor HS - Kristy Jett-Brown, Library/Media Specialist

Courtland HS - Catherine LeBouton, English Teacher

Massaponax HS - Denise Glassford, Math Teacher

Riverbend HS - Sara Kirsch, Math Teacher

Spotsylvania HS - Joe Valasko, English Teacher

Spotsylvania CTC - Frank Eberhardt, Automotive Service Technology Teacher

Rappahannock Juvenile Center - Jill Luffey, Remediation Teacher

John J Wright ECC/Gateway Academy - Quiana Whitehead, Special Education Teacher

2019 New Teachers of the Year:

Michelle DuTeil, Chancellor Elementary

Kelly Ludden, Cedar Forest Elementary

Kaitlin Young, Courthouse Road Elementary

Chariss James, Harrison Road Elementary

Jennifer Colson, Lee Hill Elementary

Brooke Redfern, Livingston Elementary

Huda Shehadah, Parkside Elementary

Wendy Dennen, Robert E. Lee Elementary

Christine Rigg, Salem Elementary

Kelsey Gallello, Smith Station Elementary

Alissa Winters, Spotswood Elementary

Victoria Elliott, Wilderness Elementary

Zach Poole, Chancellor Middle

Alyssa Bradley, Freedom Middle

Devante Lucas, Ni River Middle

Cody Miller, Post Oak Middle

Meghan Smith, Spotsylvania Middle

Jacob Warrick, Thornburg Middle

Brad Lael, Courtland High

Margaret McMaken, Massaponax High

Michelle Pacheco, Riverbend High

Megan Fowler, Spotsylvania High

Tammi Minter, SCTC


2019 Mentor Teachers of the Year:

Sandy Azzarelli, Chancellor Elementary

Amy Dishman, Cedar Forest Elementary

Marsha Dameron, Courthouse Road Elementary

Kellie Kissler, Courtland Elementary

Tiffany Breedon, Lee Hill Elementary

Cyndi Wheeler, Livingston Elementary

Melissa Ulanowicz, Parkside Elementary

Kimberly Branham, Robert E. Lee Elementary

Danielle Olson, Salem Elementary

Charmaine Shortt, Smith Station Elementary

Lisa Thompson, Spotswood Elementary

Stephanie DeSio, Wilderness Elementary

Crystal Worthen, Freedom Middle

Jacqueline Epling, Ni River Middle

Nicole Arrington, Post Oak Middle

Jessica Evans, Spotsylvania Middle

Deb McMullan, Thornburg Middle

Heather Hares, Courtland High

Christopher Farrell, Massaponax High

Beth Marshall, Riverbend High

Meaghan Clark, Spotsylvania High

Lori Stanley, SCTC

Stacy Moll, John J. Wright

Each year, Spotsylvania County Public Schools participates in the Teacher of the Year program coordinated statewide through the Virginia Department of Education. All public and accredited nonpublic schools are able to participate in the Virginia Teacher of the Year Program to honor teachers who represent the best in teaching in Spotsylvania County Public Schools, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and across the nation. For more than 40 years, Virginia has participated in the National Teacher of the Year Program, a project of the Council of Chief State School Officers. The program is open to all teachers in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 who possess a current, renewable Virginia teaching license, including school librarians, guidance counselors, and reading specialists. The Human Resources Department coordinates this process with our site principals. From this group of nominees, the Division Teacher of the Year is selected. In the spring, we announce and recognize the New Teachers of the Year from the elementary, middle, and high schools levels, and the Mentor Teachers of the Year from elementary, middle, and high school.