• Spotsylvania County Public Schools recognizes the importance of outside funding in shaping the future of education of our students.  Our grant process was designed to strengthen the quality of our grant submissions, and support the programs that best serve our students.  Grant funding supports all areas of PreK-12 education including academics, enrichment, intervention, student support services, teacher training, and operational functions. 

    Our Purpose - To provide leadership, guidance, and support for Spotsylvania County Public Schools grant application projects

    Our Goals
    • Identify and pursue competitive grant funding sources
    • Establish and strengthen relationships with community partners and funders
    • Communicate division services and outcomes to various publics
    • Provide professional development and technical assistance to division personnel to build capacity to identify and secure funding
    How can we help?  In addition to preparing, submitting, and tracking competitive grant applications for division level grants, the Grant Writer is also available to assist individual schools with project-specific proposals.  Please contact the Grant Writer to discuss the type of assistance needed as early in the application development process as possible.  Services available to schools include:

    • Review grant guidelines including assisting with the development of a timeline to ensure that the application is reviewed, approved, and submitted by the deadline
    • Review and provide feedback on narratives and budgets
    • Preparation of application forms and assurances
    • Research assistance
    • Support staff and community partners in the pursuit of external grant funding
    • Provide professional development on grant writing
    Note: The creation of this grant process was informed by research on similar programs across the United States.  SCPS goal is to encourage constructive grant-seeking by implementing a transparent and user-friendly process.  We are eager to improve our system and welcome your feedback.  Please email comments to