Ni River Middle School Athletics

  • Ni River Physical Education Uniform:

    Gym clothes and sweat gear may be purchased business day as well as all year long during PE classes.
    • T-Shirt -- $5.00
    • Shorts -- $10.00
    General Information:

    STUDENTS MUST BRING A NOTE TO THE FIRST DAY OF TRYOUTS (ALL SPORTS) THAT STATES THE FOLLOWING: I _____________ do have a ride home at 5:00 every day during tryouts, practices, and or games, and signed by a parent. NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to do so will result in the student being sent home.

    Prices for Games:

    -Adults/Students = $3.00 

    -Pre-school/elementary students (10 years old or younger) = Free

    -Senior citizens (60 years old or older) = Free

    -Spotsylvania County Public School Staff and Spotsylvania County Staff and One Guest = Free with ID badge"

    -No Season Passes will be sold

    -Saturday Tournament Fee = $5.00 except for pre-school/elementary, senior citizens, and staff plus one guest who are free


  • Athletic Director:                  Shaina Patrick

    PE Department Chair:  Mr. Treakle
    Physical Education Teachers:  Miss Hennessey, Miss Patrick, Mr. Treakle, Mr. Eastman