Creating a New Club

RHS Clubs, Organizations, Activities

  • 3-D Animation Club: Ms. Stacy

    Academic Team (VHSL): Mr. Conlee

    Anime Club: TBD

    Astronomy Club: Ms. T. Jones  
    Amateur astronomers discussing and learning about this Universe and other parallel worlds.

    Beacon Club: Ms. K. Letellier
    A mental health awareness and advocacy group.

    Bearserkers: Ms. Schultze

    Book Club  (Library Activity): Ms. Wonsik
    Library activity culminating in Battle of the Books.

    Chess Club: Mr. Hofer

    Civics Club: Mr. J. Wright

    Creative Writing League: Ms. J. Keith 
    Get help with storytelling, plot, characters, and world building with games and videos.

    Cyberbend Club: Ms. Riggleman  
    Cyberbend is a club open to all students who enjoy solving puzzles, using logic to work through challenging tasks and learning new skills using the computer.

    Dance Team: Ms. Treakle

    DECA (Marketing): Mr. Gardner, Ms. Chenault, Ms. Pacheco  
    DECA is a club for Marketing and Economic & Personal Finance students that bulds Marketing skills, communication skills, leadership skills and helps students build networks with other students and business professionals.

    Diversity Club: Ms. Haley
    We celebrate diversity and foster an inclusive environment at RHS.

    Drama Club: Ms. Cresswell

    E-GLOW (End Global Warming): Ms. K. Letellier and Ms. Bergeron

    Empowering Young Women: Ms. Minor
    This is a supportive space to master femininity and redefine what it means to be a strong woman. We encourage young women to look within themselves and bring out our very best.

    Environmental Science Club: Ms. Way, Ms. Greenlaw, Dr. J. Young  
    The Environmental Club raises awareness and interest in the environment around us through activities, research, guest speakers.

    FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) (Class): Ms. Hogan, Ms. Riggleman
    FBLA is a co-curricular student organization that is open to all business students.

    FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes): TBD
    FCA is a place where athletes learn how their faith can help to prepare them for the ups and down that occur in their sport and life.

    FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) (Class): Ms. Miller  FCCLA promotes personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education. Members develop skills for life through community service, character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.

    FFA (Class): Mr. B. Johnson, Ms. Venable-Shelton
    FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

    FIDM Fashion Club: Mrs. Chenault
    This is a creative environment where students can explore fashion.

    Film Club: Mr. Price

    Finance Club: Ms. Fehrens The Finance Club will explore ways to develop life long skills for financial security in addition to analyzing current economic trends.

    Fishing Club: Mr. Balog

    French Club: Ms. Marshall, (website) 
    Le Cercle Français/French Club is open to all students currently taking, have taken French at Riverbend OR are interested in celebrating French language and culture of the Francophone world.

    French Honor Society: Ms. Marshall  (website)  
    La Société Honoraire de Français/French Honor Society (membership by invitation)  is an organization to help promote the French language at Riverbend and in the community through service. 

    Friendship Club: TBD
    Friendship club is an inclusive club for students of the general population to get the opportunity to learn about the students in the special education department. General ed students rotate between three different class rooms throughout the year during bear block to have fun getting to know these students, plan an activity for the end of each nine weeks grading period, and perform their plans with the students to gain volunteer hours.

    Freshman Class: Ms. Deskevich
    The Freshman Class Officers are focused on promoting school spirit and dedicating their time through acts of service to make Riverbend a better place.

    German Club and National German Honor Society: Ms. Krannitz

    Girls Who Code: J. Keith
    Girls Who Code Clubs are meant for girls to join our sisterhood of supportive peers and role models, and use Computer Science to change the world.

    Guitar Club: Dr. J. Young 
    Come hang out to play or learn guitar!

    Hack Club: Mr. Arnold, Ms. J. Keith
    Hack Club is a global network of programming clubs where members learn to code through tinkering and building projects.

    HASSLE (Hispanics Assisting Spanish Speakers Learn English): TBD

    IAAM (Inspiring African American males): TBD
    A club designed to empower the next generation of African America males.

    International Club: Ms. Marshall and Mr. Dement 
    International Club is open to all Riverbend students to promote an appreciation of the culture, history and arts of our global world. 

    International Thespian Society (Honor Society): Ms. Cresswell

    James Farmer Scholars: Ms. F. Johnson
    The purpose of the Program is to assist students, beginning in the seventh grade, to prepare, to enroll in and attend any college of their choice upon graduation from high school. (Membership is determined in middle school.)

    Jesus Club: Mr. Morin  To unite the local body of Christ with a plan of action to influence the school with the gospel.

    Junior Class: Ms. Navarro-Lopez, Mr. Lacy
    Representing the class of 2021.

    Key Club (Service): Ms. Gordon, Ms. Schultze
    International Community Service Club

    Latin Club, Latin Honor Society, Ursus Latin Outreach Organization, and Certamen: Mr. M. Keith (website)  
    The Latin Club, Latin Honor Society, Certamen, and Ursus Latin Outreach Organization allow Latin students to participate in a wide variety of activities and competitions related to the study of Latin, Greek, and the classics.

    Limelight, the Literary and Art Magazine: Ms. J. Keith, Ms. Treakle
    Limelight provides a voice and outlet to promote student art and literature.

    Make-a-Wish Club: Ms. Williams

    Marching Band, Indoor Drumline, and Winter Color Guard: Mr. Wadsworth

    ME Project: Ms. Eby and Ms. Minor

    Model United Nations : Ms. Sollohub

    Modern Issue Club: Ms. Lee
    The purpose of the club is to learn about and discuss modern issues faced in the U.S. and the world today, based on the ideas and procedures of the 21st Century Global Issues class (offered 2018-2019). 

    Money Club: Ms. Chenault

    National Business Honor Society: Ms. Riggleman
    The purposes of the National Business Honor Society are to promote and recognize academic achievement, leadership and character in business education at the secondary level.

    National Computer Science Honor Society: Mr. Arnold, Ms. J. Keith,  Ms. Riggleman
    The Dorothy Vaughan Chapter of Zeta Omicron promotes high scholarship and original investigation in the various fields of the computing and information disciplines.

    National English Honor Society: Ms. LoMonaco, Mr. Young  The National English Honor Society seeks to encourage literacy and a love of language through service.

    National Honor Society: Dr. J. Young (website)

    National Math Honor Society (Mu Alpha Theta):Mr. Conlee, Ms. Cantwell

    National Science Honor Society: Ms. Griffin, Ms. S. Bywaters 
    The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage participation in and recognition of scientific and intellectual thought, advance the students’ knowledge of classical and modern science, to communicate with the scientific community, and to aid the civic community with its comprehension of science, and to encourage students to participate in community service and, in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all mankind.

    National Social Studies Honor Society (Rho Kappa): Ms. Sollohub, Ms. Eby

    Newspaper (Around the Bend) (Class Publication): Mr. Champney website

    Orchestra, Riverbend Rhapsody: Ms. Rolf 
    Rhapsody is an after-school chamber group that plays for recruitment tours and events in and outside of school.

    Psychololgy Club: Ms. Letellier
    Open to students in psychology, this club hopes to explore psychology issues beyond what can be done in the classroom.

    Publications Club: Mr. Champney
    This allows students to help contribute the school newspaper and yearbook.

    Red Cross: Ms. Dotson

    Renaissance/Medieval Club: Mr. Price
    Experience the Renaissance and Medieval Times through interactive activities.

    Riverbend Rappahannock River Club: Ms. Lohr  
    A club dedicated to preserving the local watersheds.

    The Riverbend Saber Club: Mr. Blum
    Study and practice the art of lightsaber fencing.
    RHS Crew (Theater): Ms. Cresswell  
    It is set up to teach technical skills needed in the theater.

    SAVE (Spread Awareness for Victims of Exploitation) Club: Ms. Broklawski

    SCA (Student Council Association): Ms. Esposito, Ms. Sollohub
    Student Council acts as the student government for Riverbend HS, allowing students to not only voice their opinions regarding key issues but to take an active role in shaping the culture and community of our school.

    Science Club: Mr. Simpkins  
    The Science Club is for any student interested in exploring in-depth topics in Science - Earth Science, Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry or Physics.

    SciFi Club: Mr. Young
    The SciFi Club is for viewing/sharing/discussion science fiction entertainment and its history.

    Senior Class: Ms. Rogucki, Ms. Wonsik, Mr. Sylvester, Ms. Chenault
    Senior Class Officers

    Sophomore Class: Ms. Bergeron, Mr. Simpkins
    Sophomore class are the Sponsors of the Homecoming Bonfire!

    Spanish Club: Mr. Lacy
    Enriching knowledge of Hispanic culture at RHS.

    Spanish Honor Society: Ms. Navarro-Lopez

    Spectrum: Ms. Haley, Mr. Smith, Ms. Parrish  
    LGBTQ Alliance to support diversity and acceptance at RHS.

    Tech Discussions Club: Mr. Arnold

    Tri-M Music Honor Society: Mr. Wadsworth

    TSA (Technology Student Association): Mr. Hofer

    WRHS (Library Activity): Ms. Wonsik
    Morning news tech crew.

    Yearbook (Riverbend Rapids) (Class Publication): Mr. Champney

    Yoga Bears: Ms. Greenlaw, Ms. Martin  
    Yoga Bears promotes yoga as a way to increase the health and wellness of students and staff.

    Young Life Campaigners: Ms. Pacheco