Creating a New Club

RHS Clubs and Organizations


    3-D Animation Club: Ms. Stacy

    Academic Team (VHSL): Mr. Conlee

    American Sign Language Club: Ms. Smith

    Anime Club: Mr. Arcure

    Art, Literature, and Philosophy Appreciation Club: Mr. Bellamy

    Artists' Club: Ms. Treakle, Mr. Blum

    Astronomy Club: Ms. T. Jones, Mr. Garrison

    Beacon Club: Ms. K. Letellier

    Bearserkers: Ms. Schultze, Mr. Arcure

    Chess Club: TBD

    Choirs and Barbershop/Beautyshop Quartets: Ms. Green

    Civics Club: Ms. McCloskey

    Creative Writing Club: Ms. J. Keith

    Cyberbend Club: Ms. Riggleman

    Dance Team: Ms. Treakle

    DECA (Marketing): Ms. Fehrens, Mr. Gardner, Ms. Collison

    Diversity Club: Ms. Haley

    Drama Club: Ms. Cresswell

    Empowering Young Women: Ms. Minor

    Environmental Science Club: Ms. Way, Ms. Greenlaw, Ms. J. Young

    FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) (Class): Ms. Hogan, Ms. Riggleman, Ms. O'Leary

    FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes): Mr. Demarco

    FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) (Class): Ms. A. Miller

    FFA (Class): Mr. B. Johnson, Ms. Venable-Shelton

    Film Club: Mr. Price

    Financing Club: Mary Fehrens

    Fishing Club: Mr. Balog

    French Club: Ms. Marshall, (website)

    French Honor Society: Ms. Marshall  (website)

    Friendship Club:  Ms. Smith, Ms. Fehrens

    Freshman Class: Ms. Deskevich

    German Club and National German Honor Society: Ms. Krannitz

    Guitar Club: Dr. J. Young

    Hack Club: Mr. Arnold, Ms. J. Keith

    HASSLE (Hispanics Assisting Spanish Speakers Learn English): Ms. Hefner

    IAAM (Inspiring African American Males): Mr. Goode, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Morin

    Ignite (Bible Study): Ms. Esposito

    International Club: Ms. Hefner, Ms. Marshall, Mr. Sabourin

    International Thespian Society (Honor Society): Ms. Cresswell

    James Farmer Scholars: Ms. F. Johnson

    Jesus Club: Mr. Morin

    Junior Class: Ms. Navarro-Lopez, Mr. Lacy

    Key Club (Service): Ms. Gordon, Ms. Schultze

    Latin Club, Latin Honor Society, and Certamen: Mr. M. Keith (website)

    Marching Band, Indoor Drumline, and Winter Color Guard: Mr. Wadsworth

    ME Project/Peer Counselors: Ms. Eby and Ms. Minor

    Model United Nations: Ms. Sollohub

    Money Club: Ms. Collison

    National Business Honor Society: Ms. Riggleman, Ms. Hogan, Ms. O'Leary

    National Computer Science Honor Society (Zeta Omicron): Mr. Arnold, Ms. J. Keith, Ms. McIntosh, Ms. Riggleman

    National English Honor Society: Ms. Shipp, Mr. A. Young

    National Honor Society: Dr. J. Young. Ms.  Maliszewski (website)

    National Math Honor Society (Mu Alpha Theta):Mr. Conlee

    National Science Honor Society: Ms. Griffin, Ms. S. Bywaters

    National Social Studies Honor Society (Rho Kappa): Ms. Sollohub, Ms. Eby

    Newspaper (Around the Bend) (Class, Publication): Mr. Champney website

    Newspaper Club: Mr. Champney

    Orchestra, Riverbend Rhapsody: Ms. Rolf

    Photography Club: Mr. Champney

    Psychology Club:  Ms. K. Letellier

    Red Cross: Ms. Dotson

    Renaissance/Medieval Club: Mr. Turner

    Riverbend Rappahannock River Club: Ms. Lohr

    RHS Crew (Theater): Ms. Cresswell

    SCA (Student Council Association): Ms. Esposito, Ms. Sollohub

    Science Club: Mr. Simpkins

    Senior Class: Ms. Rogucki, Ms. Wonsik, Mr. Sylvester, Ms. Collison

    Sophomore Class: Ms. Bergeron, Mr. Simpkins

    Spanish Club: Mr. Lacy

    Spanish Honor Society: Ms. Navarro-Lopez

    Spectrum: Ms. Haley, Mr. Sylvester

    Tech Discussions Club (CTDC): Mr. Arnold

    Tech Discussion Club: Mr. Hofer

    Tri-M Music Honor Society: Mr. Wadsworth

    TSA (Technology Student Association): Mr. Hofer

    Video Game Club: Ms. McCloskey

    Vipers Step Club: Mrs. Minor

    WRHS (Library Activity): Ms. Wonsik

    Yearbook (Riverbend Rapids) (Class, Publication): Mr. Champney

    Yoga Bears: Ms. Greenlaw, Ms. Martin

    Young Life Campaigners: Mr. Cannavo, Ms. Pacheco