Student Council Association

  • SCA officers for the 2018-2019 school year!

    SCA President:  Olivia Nguyen-Dillon
    SCA Vice President:  Skyla Humphreys
    SCA Secretary:  Hilda Quansah
  • Get Involved!

    The MHS SCA Board consists of a board consisting of SCA Officers and SCA Executive Board Members.

    Become an Executive Board Member 

    We have an application process that happens every spring (usually in April/May) where a student can apply to be on the executive board.  In this application process we are selecting our board members for the following school year. Our board consists of four members from each class (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) and four at large members that can be from any grade level.  The application requires a form filled out by the student as well as 2 teacher recommendation forms.

    Freshman applications generally are available in November as soon as the 1st nine weeks has ended.  In this application process we are selecting our freshman members of our board for the current school year.

    We do have SCA Officers (President, Vice President, and Secretary) but you have to have been an Executive Board member for at least one year and there are certain grade level restrictions that apply.

    Being an SCA Executive Board member, there are many leadership and group interaction opportunities with several projects such as planning our annual Homecoming Week (Spirit Week, Homecoming Dance, Tie Dye T-shirts, Scavenger Hunts, Pep Rally, Tailgate, Parade at the Football Game).  We also organize community service activities like Annual Walk-a-thons, school fundraisers(can food drive, bottle caps, etc.), and much more!

    Contact Denise Glassford or Jessica Guerin if you have any questions.