Spotsylvania Middle School Clinic 

  • *Please make sure that your child has turned in a green “clinic information card”. Any updates/changes on phone numbers should be sent to the nurse's clinic.

    Email school nurse: Staci Chipiwalt, RN, BSN


    6th Graders must have a TDAP vaccine before entering school in the fall.


    All students with asthma, food allergies, and special medical needs must have a physician-signed emergency care plan. All medications, including over-the-counter medications (such as Tylenol, Advil, cough drops, etc) must be

    • accompanied by a “Medication Request Form” that has been completed by a parent/legal guardian and signed by a doctor.
    • transported/delivered to the clinic by a parent or legal guardian.
    • provided in the original bottle.
    • kept in the clinic; exceptions are Epi-Pens, inhalers, and diabetic supplies, which the student may carry with written permission from their doctor.
    • dispensed by the school nurse or a trained staff person.
    • picked up by a parent/legal guardian by the last day of school or it will be properly disposed of by the nurse.




    • Students who have had fever of 100 degrees or higher must be fever-free, without the use of medications such as Tylenol, for 24 hours before they can return to school.
    • If your child is sick the night before or on a school morning, please do not send them to school, as  they will most likely not make it through the day and also expose their classmates to illness.
    • Please call the “Greeter’s Desk” to report your child’s absence.