Business Partners

  • Fun Land


    Fun Land in Central Park!

    Please visit Fun Land in Central Park- our newest Partner in Education! More information about Fun Land can be found at:

    Giant           Giant Bonus Bucks

    Please support our school by registering or renewing your membership to the Giant Food Bonus Bucks©.  Annual renewal is required.  Parents need to designate SMS EACH year as the school to receive their bonus bucks.  The program runs from October 5 through April 3 and purchasing "extra credit" items earns more points.  Parents just need to fill out a form found at the Giant Food and list SMS as their designee.  Our School ID number is 02336.

    Kmart            K-Mart Spirit Program

    Earn cash for our school by participating in the Kmart Spirit program.  Simply visit the local Kmart©and find a School Spirit Registration form at the Customer Service Desk.  Fill it out and include Spotsylvania Middle School's Code #426V.  You will receive a School Spirit Card to be used at check-out from the Customer Service Representative.


         Food Lion          Lion Shop & Share

    Please support our school by registering your MVP© cards at or by calling 1-704-633-8250. 

    Handshake   Are you interested in helping? Become a Partner-In-Education or support businesses that do!