School Hours

  • Office Hours: 7:30am-4:00pm

    Student School Times: 7:40am-2:45pm

    Student needs to report to homeroom by 8:00am to be present and on time.

    Bus Schedule:
    Busses arrive between 7:40am-8:00am
    Busses depart between 2:50pm- 2:55pm

Attendance Procedures

  • Parents are asked to call the school in the morning if their child will be absent. As a courtesy, the attendance office will attempt to contact the parent by telephone either at work or home if the school has not been notified by a parent of a student’s absence. In addition to the telephone call, students should bring in a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian explaining the reason for the absence. The excuse is due the first day upon returning to school and should be given to the homeroom teacher who will turn in the excuse to the office.

    Absences MAY be excused due to student illness, death in the family, medical or legal actions, school activities, and hardships as approved by the principal. An unexcused absence is issued for nonattendance for failure to bring an acceptable note from home, and other reasons considered invalid. In addition, any student who has missed 9 days from school, consecutive or in-consecutive, will be required to provide medical documentation or principal approval to support all further absences. Any absence not supported by medical documentation after 9 days will be considered unexcused. Requests for approval of absences due to family trips or other foreseeable reasons must be submitted in writing and approved by the principal in advance. The determination of these absences as excused or unexcused will be based in part on the number of previous absences and the student’s academic standing.

    Excessive absences will be investigated and handled in accordance with School Policy, County Policy and Virginia State Law. Where extenuating circumstances exist a parent or guardian should discuss excessive absences with the principal or school social worker. Regular school attendance is expected and critical to academic and social development, as excessive absences interfere with a child’s ability to progress.

Early Dismissal

  • Students leaving early during the school day must be checked out by a parent or guardian through the office. Students will only be allowed to leave with someone other than a parent if they have written parental permission. Students will be tracked for tardies and early dismissals and are subject to compulsory attendance procedures.

Tardy Policy

  • Every third tardy to class will result in a disciplinary action.

    Every five unexcused tardies to school will result in a disciplinary action.