Student Recognition

  • This page is devoted to publicizing the efforts of students and staff as they receive awards and recognition.  If an award for a student or staff member is not posted here, please use this link to email the web curator.



    Wawa Student Athlete Award for Academic Excellence

    BMS is pleased to honor our recipients.  They are pictured with Mr. Thode (Athletic Director) and Wawa's Representative, Cheyenne Burr.  Each student received a plaque and a $25 gift card to Wawa. Their photos will be displayed in the Wawa store on Courthouse Road. 

    September:  Eden Harvey (Bastketball)            Eden Harvey


    October:  Auston Hall (Football)                        Auston Hall



  • All District Band:
     Allison Deane
    Jacob Carter
    All County Band:

    Congratulations to the following students who auditioned and earned a chair for All County Band: 


    Jake Carter – 8th chair flute
    Brooke Hyldahl – 17th chair clarinet
    Alexa Kincaid – 19th chair clarinet,
    Trevor Knott – 13th chair trombone
    Rachelle Fields – 5th chair tuba
    Selected as alternates are:


    Johnny Davies – 1stalternate baritone
    Mac Watkins – 1st alternate percussion


  •  All District Chorus:  
    Leah Ellis
    Rachelle Fields
    Katelyn King
    Kylie Watkins
    Shelby Vernon
    Eden Harvey
    Ciarra Isaac
    Taylan Raynor
    Samantha Beales
    Hector Vasquez
    Emory Davis 
    Chris Kobersteen
    All County Chorus: 7th & 8th Grade

    1. Michelle Snellings

    2.  Jocelyn Reyes

    3.  Shannon Fowler

    4.  Anika Francios

    5.   Kate King



    1.  Gabby Fields

    2.  Taylan Raynor

    3.  Amealya  Bowman

    4.  Chardae Henderson

    5.  Tess Humphreys



    1. Ryan Goodwin

    2.  Ely Ramirez

    3.  Ryan Pike

    4. Chris Kobersteen

    5. Hector Vasquez 


    6th Grade

    Part one:

    1.    America Lazaro

    2.    Katie Monroe

    3.    Makayla Carr

    4.    Will Salazar

    5.    Brayden Goodwin


    Part two:

    1.    Jordan Fulayter

    2.    Alex Evans

    3.    Enoch Garza

    4.    India McDowney

    5.    Jordan Brady

    The below students auditioned to become part of Sweet Harmony or Apollos. 


  • All County Orchestra: 



    National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

    Students who have attended BMS for the equivalent of one semester and who demonstrate outstanding performance in scholarship, leadership, citizenship, service, and character MAY be selected to membership of the National Junior Honor Society. The selection process begins after the third nine weeks with tabulation of each student's GPA. For students who meet the required GPA (3.55), data will be collected on discipline and attendance. Students who continue to qualify after the initial screening will be asked to submit a student information form for further consideration. Selection will be made by an appointed faculty council and given to the Principal for final review and approval. Formal letters of notification will be sent to parents prior to the end of the school year. Should a student be selected as a member, they will be invited to an induction ceremony to be held in the later part of May or early June.

    Please use this link to review the NJHS bylaws.

    NJHS Officers:   
    President: Ellie Butler
    Vice President: Eden Harvey
    Secretary: Auston Hall
    Treasurer: Esther Park
    Historian: Abby Simpson
    Parliamentarian: Hannah Nguyen & Tamarcus Daniel


  • SCA Officers
    President: Lauren Cobb
    Vice President:  Keyla Ferrera
    Secretary:  Olivia Yakabouski
    Seargant-at-Arms:  Mattie Bain