Transportation from TMS After-School Activities

  • With no activity buses, our plan for students to stay involved in after-school programs, which includes athletics, performing arts, various clubs, remediation/tutoring, and detention follows-

    · In lieu of activity buses, parents and guardians will be transporting their children home from all after-school activities Monday-Thursday. There are no scheduled after-school activities on Friday.

    · All after-school activities will end @ 4:45 pm
    • Students will assemble at the front entrance of TMS no later than 5:00 pm for parent pickup. You are strongly encouraged to pick up your children as soon as possible after 5:00 pm at the front entrance of TMS.
    • Coaches, sponsors, athletic director, administrator or designee will supervise students until 5:30 pm at the front entrance of the building.

    · After 5:30 pm

    • Students will be brought to the cafeteria to complete class work, homework, study for tests/quizzes, etc.. by the administrator or designee.
    • Parents are to come into the cafeteria prior to 6:00 pm to pickup by their children
    • Parents are to pick up their child or children NO LATER than 6:00 pm
    • Continual late arrival by parents or guardians, after 6:00 pm may result in students being excluded from future after-school activities.
    • After two warnings, the third offense will result in the student being denied the privilege of continuing to participate in the after-school activity

    In summary, there are no activity buses this school year. We need to work together to ensure the safe and timely transportation home for students who are involved in after-school activities. In this time of economic challenges, we are committed to working together with our TMS families to maintain the safely and timely transportation home from TMS after-school activities. Please note that our TMS Parents are responsible for ensuring timely transportation home for their children should they choose to stay after school for any after-school activity.

    Thank you for your cooperation.