Spotswood Elementary Clinic

  • Spotswood School Nurse:
    Brandy-Leigh Preece, BSN, RN

    Medication - School Board policy states that in order for any over-the-counter or prescription medicine to be given to your child at school, your physician/health care provider must complete and sign the Medication Request Form. Parents must also sign the statement at the bottom of the form. Medicine will not be given unless this form is completed and sent to the school. This form is valid for one school year only and a new form must be submitted when the student has a change to the medication dosage or a change in the medicine prescribed.

    • All medicines are kept in the Nurse's office and dispensed by the Nurse or Principal/Designee.
    • All medicines must be brought in the original container.
    • Students may not transport medication to and from school.

    Illness - If your child becomes ill during the school day, every attempt will be made to reach you by phone. It is important that the school have the phone number where you can be reached and the name and phone number of a person who will care for your child if you cannot be reached. Please provide this information on your child's directory card. Notify the school office of new phone numbers during the school year. Be sure the person listed has been informed that you have given his/her name.

    If your child becomes ill at home, please keep him/her at home until the illness is over. If your child has a contagious illness, please check with your physician/health care provider, the Health Department, or the school nurse before sending the child back to school.

    Please note on your child's health directory card, any current allergies or medical problems for which the school should be apprised.