Courtland HS Student Activities & Organizations

  • Battle of the Books
    Sponsors - Joseph, Akeley, Watts

    Read and discuss books to prepare for a county-wide high school book battle
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    Cat’s Eye Literary Magazine
    Sponsor - Senters
    Collect poems and short stories from students to create a magazine


    Chess Club
    Sponsor - Johnson
    Play chess and learn chess strategies


    Cougar Minds Matter
    Sponsors - Lavasseur, Espiritu
    This is a mental health awareness club (not a therapeutic group)
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    Courtland Chronicle
    Sponsor - Grimesey
    School newspaper


    Debate Team
    Sponsor - Miller
    Compete in debates


    Sponsors - Palmer, Pins
    Students who are enrolled in a marketing class and want to prepare for a career in marketing


    Drama Club
    Sponsor - Bradley
    Explores improv, creates original theatrical performances, and organizes fundraisers to support Courtland Theater
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    Empowering Black Women
    Sponsor - Clinkscales, Prudencio, Ellis
    Become dedicated in the pursuit of learning


    Environmental Club
    Sponsor - Helsley
    Educate about environment and serve school and community


    Fellowship of Christian Athletes
    Sponsors - Mastin, Petry, C. Crabtree
    Meet in a faith-based atmosphere and serve school and community
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    Future Americans of Medicine
    Sponsor - Wiliford
    Interested in a career in medicine


    Future Business Leaders of America
    Sponsor - Kelley
    Preparing students for a career in Business
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    Sponsor - Wilson
    Co-curricular FACS student organization


    Sponsor - Lael
    FFA is the premier youth organization preparing members for leadership and careers in the science, business and technology of agriculture. With over 700,000 members, this organization is the largest youth organization found in the US. Our FFA promotes community and school involvement, participation in competitions on the local, state an national level and aids in the development of future leaders in the industry.  


    Gay Straight Alliance
    Sponsors - Deacon, Watts, Lamb, Carter, Joseph, Hibbs
    Student-run organization that unites LGBTQ+ students and allied youth to build community and organize around issues impacting them in their schools and communities
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    German Club
    Sponsor - Hoeninger
    Participate in community activities to promote the German language and culture
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    The Gloria Driest Chapter of IAAM at CHS
    Sponsor - Mastin, Prudencio
    Dedicated to uplifting and encouraging African-American male students at CHS to continue on the path of academic success


    International Thespian Society
    Sponsor - Bradley
    Designed to recognize students involved in theatre arts performances, both acting and technical, at the high school level and provide opportunities to expand their knowledge of theatre


    James Farmer Scholars
    Sponsor - Clinkscales
    Assist students in preparing to enroll in college


    Sponsors - Mallard, Barham
    Prepare students for leadership roles in the Armed Forces


    Military History Club
    Sponsor - Moon
    Study of military history


    Sponsors - Wiliford, Crabtree, Meek
    Inspire, motivate, and renew a climate and culture of character, connection of stakeholders, and celebration of achievement while addressing the needs, challenges, and concerns in today's schools
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    Rocket Club
    Sponsor - Graf
    Student-driven club that designs and builds a rocket to qualify for the Team America Rocket Competition


    Scholastic Bowl
    Sponsor - Hibbs
    This is a trivia team game which competes against other schools


    Spanish Club
    Sponsor - Jones
    Celebrating and honoring hispanic culture together through dance, food, song, art, and more!  


    Student Council Association
    Sponsors - Thorne, Almassy
    Train students for future leadership and responsibility
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    Technology Student Association
    Sponsor - Clarke
    Fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in technology, innovation design and engineering


    Women’s Studies Club
    Sponsor - A. Carter
    Help empower and influence young women by learning about women’s history, discussing current issues and instilling leadership and confidence
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