Spotsylvania ES Mission Statement

  • Mission Statement:  All students will learn and become responsible, respectful citizens.
    Vision: All students will find academic success at our school. We will make this possible through differentiated instruction, collaborative work, inclusive practices, and continuous analysis of multiple sources of data. We will design instruction to meet the needs of each individual statement. We recognize and value the importance of long-range planning in becoming a fully inclusive school environment.
    Core Values 
    1. We believe a shared responsibility between students, staff, parents and community is essential to ensure that each child reaches his/her potential.
    2. We believe continuous communication between home, school and community is necessary for the development of the student.
    3. We believe in providing opportunities for all students to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
    4. We believe respect and recognition of the unique qualities and learning styles of children enhance success.
    5. We belive a safe, nurturing environment is necessary for student learning.
    6. We believe students are more successful when they accept responsibility for their actions and for their learning.
    7. We believe in providing opportunities which encourage the use of a variety of activities, technologies, and materials.
    8. We believe every child must acquire the skills, attitudes and understandings that will enable him/her to be a positive, contributing member of our rapidly changing society.
    9. We believe all students can learn, and we will establish high standards for achievement that we expect from all students.