CHS Administration

Ms Gast, Mr Conway, Mrs White work to support student success.

Admin Snapshots


    Cliff Conway, CHS Principal:

    Mr. Conway has been in education for 25 years and has served as a principal for the past 9 years. His wife has been an educator for 14 years; she is currently a teacher at Post Oak Middle School.  The Conways have three children: their twins are sohomores in college, and their youngest is attending Courtland High School this year.  
    Ruth White, CHS Assistant Principal:
    Mrs. White has been in education for 21 years; she has been an assistant principal since 2003.  When Mrs. White first became an assistant principal, she became her teacher's boss. Mrs. White says she is still scared of Mrs. Little and still considers this mentor to be the boss regardless. 
    Laura Gast, CHS Assistant Principal:
    Ms. Gast has been in education for 14 years -- all of her years have been at Courtland High School, so she is a Cougar through and through. Ms Gast began her academic journey as Courtland's Athletic Trainer, then Physical Education Teacher and Coach/Assistant Coach and is now CHS' assistant principal. She is an avid athlete, participating primarily in marathons (full and half --you name it; she is there). 
    Adam Gresham, CHS Assistant Principal:
    Mr. Gresham has been in education for 11 years; he has served as physical education teacher at Newport News HS, Menchville HS, Union Springs MS and HS (upstate NY) and Eastern View HS in Culpeper. His wife has been an educator for 8 years; she currently teaches Family and Consumer Sciences at Chancellor Middle School. They are proud parents of a five-year-old who enjoys baseball and fishing and a two-year-old who just loves playing with her big brother's toys.

About Courtland

  • Courtland High School is nestled within historic Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Well-known and highly respected, Courtland is one of the county's smallest high schools. Courtland is living proof that when it comes to the education of students, smaller is better. 

    Our Mission: Learning for all ~ Educate, Equip, and Inspire. 

    Our Vision: As a supportive and challenging academic community, CHS develops:

    • creativity and productivity 
    • critical thinking and problem solving
    • core values

Contact Information

  • Courtland High School

    6701 Smith Station Road Spotsylvania, VA 22553 (540) 898-4445 (Phone) (540) 898-4458 (Fax)

    Main Office Hours 7AM-4PM