A Message from the Principal:

  • It is our privilege to be the administrative team at Battlefield Elementary.  Together we bring a strong passion for teaching and learning. We know our students will have an exciting and successful school year.  The Battlefield family will make every effort to provide students with educational activities that will stimulate their enthusiasm for lifelong learning. 

    Our staff is a highly motivated group of professionals who are committed to growing and learning in their profession.  Every month we dedicate staff meeting time to the study and discussion of current educational research.  We meet in grade level teams and across grade levels to discuss teaching strategies that impact student learning.  Our teachers have structured their own professional development specifically designed to the needs of their learners.  Our staff is highly collaborative which is conducive to our unique learning environment. 

    Our school focus is on the positive impact we make for our students, families, colleagues and community members.  We build relationships and thrive on the effects it has for all.  Battlefield students belong to all of us and their success depends on all of us.  We are proud of the accomplishments of our students, day after day. 

    We invite our parents and community members to become involved at our school.  Our PTO is very active and there are many opportunities in school and out of school to participate ad contribute to the learning experience.  We welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions.  Together, we will make this year a rewarding and successful experience for all. 

    Mrs. Susan C. Fines, Principal

    Mrs. Kara Hurley, Assistant Principal