Degrees and Certifications:


  •  JROTC Knight Battalion

    • JROTC: The JROTC program is a program that has a military structure. With its mission being “ To motivate young people to become better citizens.” Cadets in the program learn to be leaders by improving their abilities to communicate, to present, and to direct. With this being done through various activities. Involving not only the classroom intandem with other school based activities, but activities involving other schools that have JROTC. With these skills being taught to cadets to not simply improve the duration of their life spent in high school, but to improve the rest of their lives. 


    • KNIGHT BATTALION: The Knight battalion is a battalion that resides in Spotsylvania county Virginia. With cadets participating in the program form both Spotsylvania high school and Massaponax high school. With the Spotsylvania students attending the program on A-days during first or second block. While Massaponax students participating in the program at Spotsylvania high school as a two block class. Either the first or last half of the day


    • CADRE: The Knight Battalion Cadre consists of two army veterans. Our SAI ( Senior Army Instructor ) is retired LTC Emery, and our AI ( Army Instructor ) retired SFC Baylor. With LTC Emery instructing the battalions LET twos through fours, and being the supervisor of the battalions Raider team. While SFC Baylor has the duty of being the LET one instructor as well as being the leader of the battalions Drill team.


    • RAIDERS: The Raider team of the Knight Battalion is supervised by LTC Emery. While the Raider team is lead by and receives its physical training from Cadet Captain Via and Cadet Captain Jenkins. The Raider team of the Knight Battalion is a more physically demanding team that requires a certain level chaos to properly function. With the team's activities being rope bridge, 5k road march, litter carry, logistics relly, and a physical fitness test. One consisting of a one mile run, 60 seconds of push-ups, and 60 seconds of sit-ups.  
    • Competitions
      • Date: October 13, 2018
      • Location: T.C. williams high school
      • Participating teams: A-team


    • DRILL: The Drill team of the Knight Battalion is supervised by SFC Baylor. With the Drill team being lead and trained by Cadet Captain Solomon and Cadet First Lieutenant Mayo. The Dill team of the Knight Battalion while being less physically demanding. Demands a higher level of professionalism and detail to properly execute the team's activities. With the team's activities being color guard, inspection, platoon drill, squad drill, exhibition, and armed individual.
    • Competitions
      • Date:November 10, 2018
      • Location:Dinwiddie High school
      • Participating teams:Armed Platoon, Unarmed Platoon, Armed Squad, Unarmed Squad, Color Guard, Inspection


    Based upon some outstanding recommendations and academic achievement some cadets were given an opportunity to attend a 4 day training session here at Spotsylvania High School offered to the incoming LET 1 cadets (rising first year cadets). The camp was organized and activities were executed entirely by upperclass cadets (with instructor supervision)

     The training was from July 23-26, 2018 from 8AM until 330PM.  This volunteer program benefitted incoming cadets in many ways. They were able to meet and interact with peers and older cadets, learn about JROTC, and start off the school year with confidence.  All cadets enthusiastically participated and passed a graduation test, which covered basic knowledge learned through classroom instruction throughout the week.  The training culminated with the cadets receiving a PLT ribbon for their uniform and a promotion to Cadet Private.  

    The following cadets will start off the year as Cadet Private:

    Sophia Alexis (PONAX)

    Zoe Allen (SPOT)

    Emma Allison (SPOT)

    Tomas Blackmon (PONAX)

    Morgan Bownan (SPOT)

    Andrew Bowen (PONAX)

    Chase Callan (PONAX)

    Charles Carroll (SPOT)

    Kyha Cowan (PONAX)

    Summer Dashiell (PONAX)

    Alexis Dilliad (PONAX)

    Zachary Gregory (PONAX)

    Aaron Hatcher (PONAX)

    Doviah Hensn (SPOT)

    Devin Johnson (PONAX)

    Blesid Lee (PONAX)

    Carmen Melendez-Laboy (PONAX)

    Michael Ochoa (PONAX)

    Jessica Paniagua (PONAX)

    Devin Pence (PONAX)

    Yamille Palomino (PONAX)

    Diego Pantoja (PONAX)

    Gavin Richards (PONAX)

    Andrew Rohland (SPOT)

    Deahvian Samuels (SPOT)

    Michael Scavone (SPOT)

    Christian Stevens (SPOT)

    Nyah Thomas (PONAX)

    Anastasia Tracy (SPOT)


    JROTC Cadets at Virginia Tech

    On June 24, 2018, 362 Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) cadets, along with 71 JROTC instructors, from 36 high schools in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina converged upon Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University at Blacksburg, Virginia for a 6-day summer camp. 

    During this period all of the cadets participated in adventure training activities which consisted of rappelling off of a twenty-foot or forty-foot tower, undergoing drownproofing lessons, navigating an obstacle course, learning the basics of air rifle safety and familiarization, and a few other adventurous training activities. In addition to these activities, the cadets also received classroom instruction and hands-on practice in various Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) areas. These areas included computer coding, developing assists for the elderly, engineering a solution to a real-world challenge, and investigating how diseases spread and the methods that can be used for their diagnosis.

    Additionally, these cadets received information on how to apply to college, what to look for in a college, and what to expect in college experiences. These classes, as well as those mentioned above, were spearheaded by Virginia Tech faculty and staff, who volunteered their own time, along with several high school teachers, to provide this educational experience for these young high school students who were tasked to develop design projects during their stay.

    This was also a leadership camp where cadet leadership positions were changed each day in order to provide leadership training and experience to as many cadets as possible. Being militarily-oriented, the cadets marched in formation wherever they went. During their 6 days at Virginia Tech the cadets marched approximately 50 - 60 miles. This was a lot of marching and an accomplishment in itself.

    This mixed adventure training and STEM project camp was the first of its kind, designed to increase awareness and interest in STEM career opportunities and foster academic competencies in specific STEM fields. It served to provide educational empowerment by cultivating student attitudes, aspirations and behaviors to embrace change and innovation with assertiveness and conviction along with the adventure training for an added twist. 

    The Fourth Brigade of the U.S. Army Cadet Command sponsored this camp with assistance from the Virginia Tech Center for Enhancement of Engineering Diversity and 360 Cradle to Careers (a nonprofit organization). The cadets were housed in one of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets dormitories and ate their meals at the dining facility on campus. Undoubtedly, if you ask most cadets they will tell you that the food court-style dining facility was one of the best, if not the best experience they had while there. While most of the events took place on campus, Historical Smithfield Plantation, located nearby, provided the site for several of the outdoor activities.

    The camp culminated on Friday, June 29 when the cadets took turns displaying and explaining the various projects they undertook during the course of that week. This project display was open to the public and various school districts had representatives who attended. These displays were impressive and some of the comments from the cadets were that they wished they had more time to further develop their ideas and they some planned to take what they had learned and further their research/study when they returned to school.  


    The following cadets attended Spotsy (S), Ponax (P):

    Isaiah Aiken  (P

    Kaitlyn Aitkens  (S

    Boutchyard, Marshal  (S 

    Cowan, Cinderella  (P

    Davies, Kayla  (P            

    Dawson Dylan  (P           

    Foy, Kiyhana  (P

    Frederick, Riley  (P-was on the first place team for mixed gender relay

    Hensen, Kyle  (P - received a third place award for his STEM project

    Hinton, Samantha  (P -distinguished cadet that demonstrated leadership ability which put her in top 5% of camp cadets

    McCurdy, Christiana (S

    Mcfadden, Hunter  (S    

    Morris, Conner  (S

    Pritchard-Hyden, Matthew  (S    

    Torres, Gabriel(P

    Williams, Javaun(P

    Woodard, Andrew (S

    Sebastian Williams (S


    Cadets Veterans Day Weekend

    Our Cadets went out into the Community this weekend for Veterans Day and gained a lot of visibility, participating in various activities. Starting on November 7th with the SHS Veterans Day ceremony where we had Cadets not only perform Color Guard, but also perform in the orchestra and chorus.  On Sunday 11 November, we had a total of 40 Cadets participate in the DAV (Disabled American Veteran), Veterans Day Parade located downtown Fredericksburg. The Knight Battalion Cadets, did not stop there, we attended the Mary Washington flag raising Ceremony on Monday 12 November, then proceeded to Spotsylvania Middle School to post and retire the Colors for their annual Veterans Day program. Lastly we had a total of 42 Cadets attend DAV's event at the Golden Corral, assisting Veterans with seating, preparing plates and replenishing their beverages. Our Cadets were engaged with many conversation with many Veterans and enjoyed the stories in which the Veterans told. The community really enjoyed seeing our Cadet's in uniform and giving back to the community their time and dedications to those that gave so much for us and our Country. 


    MLK Annual Drill Competition 

    Spotsylvania High School JROTC Drill Team exceeded expectations once again. The Drill team participated in The MLK Annual Drill competition on this past Saturday at the Arthur Ashe Center in Richmond,  Virginia, competing against 8 other schools, winning multiple trophies:

     1st Place Color Guard participants ( Lacey Maldonado, Damian Coates)

     1st Place Armed Regulation Platoon participants (Lacey Maldonado, Thomas Brown, Michael Scavone, Breonna Beanum, , Damien Coates, and Ryan Mayo)

     1st Place Unarmed Regulation Platoon participants ( Lead By Ryan Mayo, Thomas Brown, Deahvian Samuels, Katie Solomon, Jaycee Schatz, Zoey Allen, Doviah Henson, and Shaun Moore.)

     1st Place Unarmed Regulation Squad participants ( Lead by Lacey Maldonado, Michael Scavone, and Damien Coates)

     1st Place Armed Exhibition participants ( Damien Coates, Michael Scavone, and Breonna Beanum)

     2nd Place Armed Regulation Squad participants ( Lead by Damien Coates, Lacey Maldonado, Michael Scavone, and Breona Beanum)

     2nd Place Inspection participants (Lead by Jaycee Schatz, ) Thomas Brown, Deahvian Samuels, Breonna Beanum, Alexis Dillard, Ryan Mayo, Andrew Rohland, and Shaun Moore)

     3rd Place Unarmed Regulation Platoon participation ( lead by Damien Coates, Julia Ro, and Zoey Allen)

     Also an individual award, awarded to Damien Coates for 2nd Place Armed Knock Out!

     Their efforts and determination Lead our Drill team to become:

     Best Overall Armed and Unarmed Regulation, and Best Army JROTC Unit out of a total of 8 schools that participated.