A Note to Our Parents

  • As the impending snowy and icy weather approaches we have one message: Please, please, please do not have students drive to school on inclement days. The weather can bring about extremely hazardous driving conditions when there is a one or two hour delayed school opening; and even in some cases days when we start on time. We could not forgive ourselves if we lost even one student to an accident caused by a young driver operating a motor vehicle in poor weather.

    It is everybody's business to take responsible steps where young, inexperienced drivers are concerned. Student drivers feel they are ready to handle anything behind the wheel, but insurance records consistently show young inexperienced drivers have a difficult time in difficult weather. In the Fredericksburg area there is simply not enough opportunity for young student motorists to get experience driving in bad weather. In fact, most of our students receive a license before they have ever had a chance to drive on icy and snowy roads! We recommend taking the bus or having parents drive students to school on days like these.

    Discuss this issue with your young driver now and establish guidelines so you won't be faced with a battle on the morning that the first flake flies. Please be safe - buckle up and drive carefully, and leave the car at home when the weather gets bad.