A Message From the Principal

Code of Conduct

    Students should recognize and understand that all Spotsylvania Code of Student Conduct standards apply anytime and any place a Spotsylvania extra-curricular activity is held, whether as a participant or as a spectator. Students representing Spotsylvania High School will abide by the same policies as those governing their actions during the regular school day.

Athletics and Activities

  • Eligibility Requirements
    Spotsylvania High School participates in the AA Battlefield District. In order to be eligible to represent Spotsylvania in any Virginia High School League sponsored activity, a student must meet the following eligibility requirements:

    State Standards
    The student shall have passed, at the end of the semester immediately preceding that in which he desires to compete, no fewer than five subjects or their equivalent, offered for credit or required for graduation, and requiring full time in the regular schedule of classes. He shall be currently enrolled in no fewer than five subjects or their equivalent, offered for credit or required for graduation, and requiring full time in the regular schedule of classes. Deficiencies recorded at the end of the school year may be made up only by work recognized by the State Department of Education, provided that the deficiencies are made up before the opening of the fall semester.

    County Standards
    In order for a Spotsylvania student to remain eligible for participation in activities and athletics, he/she must meet the following scholarship requirements set by the Spotsylvania School Board:

    The School Board requires that a student passes at least five subjects each grading period and that a grade of "C" or better must be attained in at least two subjects.

    Policy on Not Leaving School Premises Before Afternoon Practices
    Students participating in athletics/activities are not permitted to leave school premises before an afternoon practice/meeting. Only the building level principal can grant exceptions to this policy.

    Students participating in athletics/activities need to attend a minimum of two complete classes in order to attend practice/meeting on that day. Any exceptions require administrative approval.

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Bell Schedule

  • Focus 7:35-8:10 (35 mins)

    A1/B5  8:14 – 9:36  (82 mins)

    A2/B6  9:40 – 11:02  (82 mins)

    • CTC  & CGS Lunch 10:50– 11:10 (22 mins)

    A3/B7 1st Lunch

    • 11:02 – 11:27 (Lunch)
    • 11:32 – 12:54 (Class)  (82 mins)
    • Science and Fine Arts Classes 

    A3/B7 2nd Lunch

    • 11:06-11:32 (Class) (24 mins)
    • 11:32 – 11:57 (Lunch) (25 mins)
    • 12:01 – 12:54 (Class) (56 mins) 
    • English and Math Classes 

    A3/B7 3rd Lunch 

    • 11:06-12:01 (Class) (54 mins)
    • 12:01-12:26 (Lunch) (25 mins)
    • 12:30-12:54 (Class) (26 mins)
    • History and World Lanuage 

    A3/B7 4th Lunch 

    • 11:06-12:30 (Class) (82 mins)
    • 12:30-12:54 (Lunch) (25 mins)
    • PE/JROTC/CTE Classes 

    A4/B8  12:59 – 2:20  (82 mins)

    SCTC Students

    7:35 – AM students depart SHS

    10:40 – AM students return to SHS

    11:08 – PM students depart SHS

    2:15 – PM students return to SHS

    2 Hour Delay 

    A1/B5 9:35 am to 10:35 am (60 minutes)

    A2/B6 10:40 am to 11:40 am (60 minutes)

    A3/B7 1st Lunch    11:45 - 12-10 (Lunch) 12:14 - 1:16 (Class)

    2nd Lunch   11:45 - 12:47 (Class) 12:51 - 1:16 (Lunch)

    A4/B8 1:20 pm to 2:20 pm (60 minutes)


    SCTC SCHEDULE on 2 hour delay

    • 9:35 am – AM SCTC students depart from SHS
    • 11:40 am – AM CTC return to SHS
    • 12:00 pm – PM CTC students depart from SHS
    • 2:18 pm – PM CTC students return to SHS