Office Hours and Bell Schedule

  • Address
    5995 Plank Rd
    Fredericksburg, Va 22407
    Phone Number 
    Office Hours
    8 AM - 4 PM
    School Hours
    8:45 AM - 3:30 PM
    Bell Schedule
    8:20 AM - Students may enter the building
    8:45 AM - School day begins
    3:30 PM - Dismissal

Mission Statement

  • In partnership with students, parents and the community, the Chancellor Elementary faculty and staff are dedicated to excellence in education. Acknowledging each student as a valued individual, we are committed to preparing lifelong learners and future generations of productive citizens.

General School Information

  • School Day: The instructional day is from 8:45am - 3:30pm. Students are under the supervision of a homeroom teacher beginning at 8:20am. Students dropped off by parents should not arrive before 8:20am. In the afternoon, parents picking up students should do so at 3:25pm.

    Emergency Care/Illness: If your child should become ill or injured during the school day, we will attempt to reach you by phone. It is important that we have the number where you can be reached and the name and number of a person who has permission to care for your child if you cannot be contacted. Please include this information on your child's emergency card. Be sure that the person listed has agreed to care for your child. If a change in your phone number, address, or employer occurs, please notify the school office immediately. We especially need your home phone number if unlisted. ALL UNLISTED PHONE NUMBERS WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.

Chancellor Elementary School Building