Extended School Closing Instructional Resources

  • SCPS Continuous Learning Plan - published April 3, 2020. 


    Should the need arise to close schools, we want to share instructional measures that may be beneficial for families. Instructional activities/resources have been compiled collaboratively by teachers and Instructional Specialists.  


    Elementary Information:

    A list of learning opportunities can be found in the Learning Menu section below for elementary students.  Resources are both "no-tech" and "tech connected".  We are mindful that there may be challenges. However, we encourage parents to establish structures and routines during the day to support students.  Some ways to facilitate the learning include:

    • Establishing a learning space
    • Provide times for completing lessons
    • Take brain breaks
    • Integrate time to be physically active and play


    Secondary Information:

    Teachers will provide students with instructional activities/resources.  Students can access their class platforms (Google Classroom/Blackboard) for this learning information.  As needed, hard copies of information will be provided to students.