Instructional Technology

  • The SCPS Technology Plan emphasizes the importance of providing our students, teachers, and administrators with the technical infrastructure, human infrastructure, and learning opportunities to become highly skilled users of 21st Century tools, proficient consumers of information, and 21st Century thinkers. 


    In order to provide our students with opportunities to learn 21st Century skills across all content areas, our teachers must continually increase their knowledge and understanding of using existing and emerging technologies as part of their instructional practice. 


    Working towards a 21st Century curriculum and promoting 21st Century literacy for all students requires a technology infrastructure that is both service-oriented and efficient in delivering productivity, application, communication, and organizational tools. 


    In order to accomplish this for our students, all stakeholders must work together to implement efficient and productive technology services locally and plan globally if we are to meet the needs of today‟s students as well as future students.

    Our administrators must provide leadership in transforming schools into high-performing, collaborative learning communities. We will accomplish this when students, teachers, instructional support staff, technology support personnel, and building /district leaders collaborate to incorporate 21st Century teaching and learning practices into daily instructional processes. 

Meet our Instructional Technology Team

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