SCPS Professional Learning

  • The Spotsylvania County Public School professional learning system is aligned with Learning Forward's Standards for Professional Learning that emphasize embedded, teacher-centered, data driven professional learning experiences  in support of improved student learning and outcomes.

    The SCPS system incorporates various models and delivery options for teachers and staff such as traditional workshops, blended learning, and online professional learning opportunities. In support of the new Strategic Plan, SCPS licensed staff are required to participate in professional learning and are compensated (as part of the SCPS teacher contract) for a minimum of 38 hours of professional learning hours per school year. Most dedicated teachers exceed the minimum professional learning requirement by participating in other other professional learning initiatives, attending conferences, and pursuing graduate study.

    Since 2011, there has been a concentrated effort to encourage every teacher to participate in professional learning communities (PLC) or teacher-faciliated learning teams as a strategy to focus on identifying high quality, embedded teacher learning and reflection every day.  The focus of PLC work centers around SMART goals and/or PLC goals that reflect student instructional goals in the classroom, PLC and  school.  The work of the PLC  is driven by the four essential questions: 

    • What do we want each student to learn?

    • How will we know when each student has learned it?

    • How will we respond when a student experiences difficulty in learning?

    • How will we respond when student experiences success in learning?

    Professional Learning Resources:

    The Office of Growth and Innovation guides and coordinates the SCPS professional learning system along with school leadership who are responsible for the implementation and success of PLC work in their schools. Delivering professional learning is every professional’s responsibility and opportunities can be found on the Performance Matters website. For more information on professional learning in SCPS, please contact Mr. Mike Brown.

    The Teacher Growth and Effectiveness Model (TGEM) emphasizes professional learning and growth in addition to measuring student and teacher growth through identified SMART goals. For information on SCPS’s TGEM model, please refer to the TGEM Handbook.