School Quality Survey

  • Ensuring our schools are safe, supportive and engaging learning environments where students feel welcome and enabled to thrive is a top priority at Spotsylvania County Public Schools. Over the past five years as we have been executing our current strategic plan, the Superintendent has substantially expanded processes that include staff, student, and parent advisories in order to receive critical feedback regarding the quality of our school Division.  Also, our school system continually evaluates school and division performance using multiple data sources in order to continuously improve.

    In 2014-15, as part of the Division’s selfstudy SCPS, conducted a comprehensive stakeholder survey. As we are now in our final year of our current strategic plan, we wanted to again survey stakeholders to gauge perceptions across several critical domains.

    We are pleased that 18,934 people participated in our 2017-18 school quality survey, including students in grades 3-12, parents and guardians of students in grades 3-12, school and central office staff members. The survey questions addressed five dimensions of school quality: Academic support, student support, school leadership, family involvement, and safety and behavior. In addition, participants were asked for their input on school rating criteria, overall quality of information and the school division, important skills and abilities students need to be successful, and the extent to which students are prepared for the future. The division’s independent research and communications partner, K12 Insight, administered the survey and compiled the results to ensure the confidentiality of all participants.

    The following are some highlights of the survey responses:

    • The majority of all three stakeholder groups were in agreement with more than a third of the groups indicating the school system as excellent or good

    • The lowest area of agreement among the three stakeholder groups was school safety and security

    • Parents of students in grades 3-8 had the highest level of agreement with the family involvement dimension, students in grades 3-8 had the highest level of agreement with the safety and behavior dimension, and high school students and parents of high school students had the highest level of agreement with the student support dimension

    • A majority of parents, school staff, central office staff, and students said students are prepared for success after high school

    • All participant groups rated communication and critical thinking as the two most important skills and abilities students need to be successful in the future

    • While high school students and parents of high school students ranked college-ready graduates as their top criterion for rating schools, parents of students in grades 3-8 and high school staff members ranked “a culture of high expectations for all students” as their top criterion

    Moving forward we will use all survey feedback to guide as we make updates to the current Division Strategic Plan. Additionally, the feedback is being utilized to help us determine Division strengths and identify opportunities for improvement. Thank you again to all those who shared their candid feedback to help improve our schools. We look forward to using your input to make meaningful changes in Spotsylvania County Public Schools.

    For more information about our survey, go to 2017-2018 School Quality Survey Results.