Facility Use Roles & Responsibilities

  • Role of the Group/Organization requesting use:

    • Contact desired School to verify available space and request blank Use of Facility Agreement form and a copy of School Board KG & KG-R.
    • Complete front page of agreement form and deliver to Principal or designee for approval
    • Include with agreement: proof of insurance; and, if appropriate, proof of non-profit status, proof of business partner, and letter of intent (for continuous use).
    • Upon approval, submit estimated payment for fees as listed on agreement at least 10 days prior to use.

    Role of Principal/designee:

    • Receive Facility Use requests from groups/organizations, verifying front page of agreement is fully completed and request includes proof of insurance (required for ALL requests)
    • Verify available space does not interfere with any school activity
    • Verify availability of custodian for dates/times requested, contacting Maintenance for coverage if school custodian cannot be secured.
    • Fully complete back page of agreement
    • If Category 1-4, provide group a copy of ratified agreement and Board Regulation KG-R.
    • Forward completed agreement and all supporting documents to the Facility Manager for records or further processing.
    • After use, verify dates/times used/worked exactly matches what is stated on the agreement (rent/employee hours). If more/less was used requiring additional fees are to be collected or refunded, contact the Facility Manager.

    Role of the Bookkeeper:

    • Receive time sheets from SCPS personnel (i.e. custodian or kitchen) and process according to payroll procedures.

    For school employee pay, a time sheet or PAY230 form must be completed using the following account numbers:

    SCPS Custodians - 5.4200.920.1630.100.000
    SCPS Cafeteria - 3.5100.930.1630.100.000

    These time sheets must be received by the Payroll Department by the last working day of each month for employee to receive payment on the 15th of the following month.

    Role of the Facility Manager:

    • Receive all requests to use school buildings and maintain original agreements
    • Maintain spreadsheet detailing any uses requiring fees to be paid.
    • Obtain CFO approval for one-time uses in Categories 5-7
    • Prepare packet for School Board consideration of Category 6 requests.
    • Receive payments for rental/employee fees using School Books (Blue Bear) software.
    • Follow-up on any payment discrepancies as informed by the School principal/designee
    • Research and inform all necessary parties of late or missing fees
    • Keep CFO/Principal/designee apprised of any missing documentation or late payments for aid in determining continued or future use of a specific group.