To become a partner in education contact: 
René P. Daniels
Director of Communications & Community Engagement
Partners In Education
The Spotsylvania County Public Schools Partners in Education Program provides opportunities to link schools, administrative departments, and division employees with businesses and organizations in the community to promote the common goals of the partners and ultimately improve the educational opportunities of students.

Partner in Education Program Goals

A partnership between Spotsylvania County Public Schools and community businesses and organizations exist for the purpose of exchanging resources, services, and other forms of support which benefit both partners and ultimately improve the educational opportunities of our children. Partners entering an agreement commit to developing and sustaining the partnership through established goals, objectives, and activities which complement the shared values and goals of the Partner in Education Program.

Improve student achievement through...
  • Volunteer reading program tutors
  • Speakers for assembly programs and career days
  • Initiation of attendance improvement programs
  • Recognition of academic improvement
  • Student and/or staff scholarships for specialized training and/or materials
Improve the teaching and learning environment...
  • Improvement in the physical environment; i.e. furniture, plants
  • Campus beautification projects; i.e. donate time, labor, materials
  • Promote campus and community safety; i.e. sponsor speakers
Strengthen parent and community support of the schools and students...
  • Participate on advisory committees
  • Attend concerts, games, and other school programs
  • Assist with fundraising activities
  • Display student art work at business or organization site
  • Participate on judging panels for school contests; i.e. essays, spelling bees
Improve staff morale...
  • Host staff appreciation luncheons; i.e. beginning of the year, end of the year
  • Offer off-campus locations for meetings or training
  • Provide summer internship opportunities to enhance curriculum expertise
Improve relations and credibility with community leaders...
  • Public recognition of schools by partners
  • Shared vision of future goals