Kindergarten Team

Kindergarten Team
  • Front Row: Ms. Harris and Mrs. Slade

    Second Row: Mrs. Kreiling, Mrs. Church and Mrs. Haney

    Back Row: Mrs. Broyles and Mrs. Upperco

Second Grade

Second Grade Picture
  • Front Row: Mrs. Koenig, Mrs. Velasco and Ms. Swisher

    Back Row: Mrs. Mckenrick, Mrs. Danigelis and Mrs. Kuzel

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Picture
  • Front Row: Mrs. Lernihan, Mrs. Downey and Mr. Martin

    Back Row: Mrs. O'Toole and Mrs. Mulcahy

Sped Team

Sped Picture
  • Front Row: Mrs. List and Ms. Yancy

    Back Row: Mrs. Fritz, Ms. Brooks and Ms. Simpson

Reading Team

Reading Resource Team
  • Front Row: Mrs. Ellis and Mrs. Wetherby 

    Back Row: Ms. Faychak, Mr. O'Donnell and Mrs. Sisson

First Grade

First Grade Picture
  • Front Row: Ms. Boggs, Mrs. Strang and Mrs. Faychak 

    Back Row: Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Skidmore


Third Grade

Third Grade Picture
  • Front Row: Ms. Mauck, Mrs. Beverly and Mrs. Crawshaw

    Back Row: Mrs. Meade and Mrs. O'Connell

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Picture
  • Front Row: Mrs. Decatur and Mrs. McIntosh

    Back Row: Mrs. Kaczmar, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Yi

Encore Team

Encore Picture
  • Front Row: Mrs. Mahoney, Ms. Wheeler, Mrs. Hamilton, Ms. Williams

    Back Row: Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. Hammer, Mrs. Daniel, Mrs. Anderson


  • Left to right: Mrs. Dempsey, Ms. Mahaley