Clubs and Organizations

  • Student Council Association (SCA)- Sam Partonen:

    We promote both school spirit and a positive school environment while facilitating fundraisers for both local and national organizations. 


    James Farmer Scholars- Renee Beverly

    Students experience cultural, academic, social and exchanging experiences. 


    Drama Club- Jayda Wade: and Jessica Meleres:

    Our goal this year is to put on a scripted production, but otherwise various drama exercises and an improv show at the end of the year. 


    National Junior Honor Society- Tammy Byram:

    NJHS is an academically based organization dedicated to serving the needs of our school and local communities based on 5 pillars: scholarship, citizenship, leadership, service, and character.


    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)- Tammy Byram: & Kelly 

    FCA is a non-denominational Christian ministry devoted to helping student athletes positively impact the lives of their peers with devotionals and fellowship; it is student led.


    Latin Certamen Team- Buddy Herndon:

    This is a quiz bowl for Latin students. 


    Yearkbook Club- Jennifer M. Goldsmith:

    We put together the yearbook.


    Debate Team- Justin Thomen:

    We will be competing three times this year in organized debates with other middle schools in the county and a few beyond.


    Step Club- Jessica Mereles:

    The step team works collaboratively to create rhythmic routines that foster a sense of community. The team performs at various school events. 


    Pep Club- Kelly Creed:

    To promote school spirit and cheer on our teams as they compete