Student Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

  • Parents will use the front entrance to drop off  their children.  Parents should enter the circle driveway, staying to the right.  Please have your child exit the vehicle on the curbside (right side of car). Please pull around the circle to allow several cars to drop off at the same time.  After your child is safely on the sidewalk, you may exit the circle.

    Parents picking up children on a permanent daily basis must complete a Parent Pick-Up Form.  Parents should wait in the gym for their children.  When the child is dismissed, the parents will be asked to sign their child out before leaving the building.  Children will not be allowed to leave the building unless they are accompanied by their parent or an approved adult.  If you are visiting your child’s classroom and plan to take your child home with you, it is still necessary to request your child in the main office.

    Parents who do not pick up their child on a regular basis must send a note to the teacher informing them of the change in departure plans.  These parents should also go to the gym to have their child called to be dismissed on the bell.  The personnel on duty will call the students’ names over the intercom to let them know that their parents will pick them up.  Parents will sign their children out before departing.  Please be consistent with your child’s departure procedure.  Many times a child will be reminded to take the bus home or go to a daycare facility; even though they are reminded, they forget.

    All parents or other individuals picking up students as well as school visitors should be prepared to present a photo ID.



    Children will be released early only to parents, guardians or persons who have been designated in writing by the parent.  Regular early pick-ups are discouraged as they may impact student learning.


    It is extremely important that students be in attendance on a regular basis.  Students who are not in school miss out on valuable educational instruction.  Attendance and tardies will be monitored each nine weeks.   Notices or letters will be sent home regarding patterns or excessive absences and tardies.  Schools are utilizing an auto-dialer system to call the parents of students who are absent.  Please keep phone numbers up to date.  With the large numbers of parents working out of town, it is difficult to reach some parents.  Please call the school if your child is going to be absent (786-9817). 

    All students that return to school after being absent must bring a note from their parents stating the dates and reason for the absences.