About SCTC

  • The Spotsylvania Career and Technical Center serves students enrolled in the five Spotsylvania County High Schools. The mission of the Center is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the workforce directly out of high school or to enter a post-secondary educational or training program that compliments their program of study at the SCTC.

    Students who attend SCTC usually commit to a two-year program of study in one of nineteen program areas. Our focus is ensuring students leave the Center with a foundation in the theory and skills associated with their chosen educational and career path. SCTC emphasizes essential workplace readiness skills in all of its classes, including teamwork, integrity, work ethic, communication and problem solving.

    SCTC is a place where students with a commitment to their futures can clarify and hone the skills necessary to proceed confidently into life after high school. We are where the next opportunity begins and we believe in the dignity of work.