• Massaponax High School

    Class of 2016

    Senior Information


    1. Caps, Gowns, and Announcements

    Jostens has been to Massaponax on several occasions this fall to take orders and payments for graduation materials. Josten’s last scheduled visit for orders was in December. Items have been delivered to MHS. Students who owe a balance can clear this through the guidance office. Those who still need to order a cap and gown need to contact Jostens at 855-314-8396 for additional information regarding individual orders. Please check with your student to ensure this has been done. You can also use www.jostens.com.

    Cap & Gown pickup for seniors is scheduled for March 21 during all three lunch shifts!


    2. Panoramic Picture

    The panoramic photo was taken on March 17. Photos for those who ordered them are available for pickup in room 139.


    3. Senior Trip

    The senior trip to Hershey Park will take place on May 31. The buses will depart MHS promptly at 8:00 am and return to MHS between 9:30 and 10:00 pm. All students must ride the bus to and from Hershey to participate in the trip.


    4. Graduation Requirements

    Graduation Intent form: Each year some seniors choose not to participate in the ceremony. We need to gather this information to prepare the lineup. The form is included in this mailing and need to be signed by the parent or guardian and returned to Mr. Flinn by May 20. Every senior is required to turn in the Intent form, even if the student does not plan to participate in graduation festivities.  The form also contains important information regarding special needs family members for seating and parking.

    Senior Debts must be paid by May 27 to ensure the timely receipt of tickets and parking needs.


    5. Graduation Practice

    Graduation practice will start in the gymnasium at 2:00 pm on June 9. Following a brief review of graduation practice routine, seniors will line up in the social studies and English hallway to prepare to march into the gym to rehearse the graduation program.  All seniors who plan to walk at graduation on June 10 must attend graduation practice. Wear comfortable clothing.  We plan to be finished by 4 pm, but there are no guarantees. Do not schedule any commitments during this time, including work or doctor appointments. Students who leave early will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony.


    6. Graduation

    Graduation will be held in the Gymnasium on Friday, June 10; at 5:00 pm. Seniors are required to participate in a rehearsal on Thursday, June 9, at 2:00 pm.   Students who do not participate in the practice will not be permitted to walk on graduation night. Seniors must be lined up in the Social Studies hall fully dressed in cap and gown by 4:30 pm on Friday, June 10.  Graduation is a formal occasion and students are asked to dress accordingly. The dress code is as follows:


    Men: Dress shirts, ties, dark dress pants, dress shoes. No jeans, shorts, or casual shoes. Women: Dress pants, or skirts, dresses, and dress shoes. No casual outfits or shoes. No thong/flip flop sandals.

    No new clothing is required.


    Students not dressed appropriately will be removed from line and not permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony.


    7. Graduation Tickets

    Each senior will receive six tickets to graduation: 3 tickets for the gymnasium and 3 tickets for the auditorium, which will be distributed at graduation practice on June 9. There are no additional tickets available. Families who want more than six people to attend should contact friends of their graduate for unneeded tickets. Tickets will only be handed out to students who are not on the debt list as of noon on June 9. No graduation tickets will be issued at practice for students who have not cleared debts by noon on the 9th.  These students can pick up their tickets between 9:00 and 11:00 am on June 10 after their debt has been cleared.


    Students who wait until Friday, June 10 to clear debts must report to MHS between 9:00 and 11:00 am on that day.


    Tickets will be given after debts have been cleared with cash. Payment must be exact change.

    No Tickets will be distributed after 2:00 pm on Friday, June 10!


    8. Graduation Seating

    The doors to the building will open at 4:00 pm June 10th. Attendees will be seated in the gymnasium bleachers, or in the auditorium. If you require special seating, please arrive before 2:00 pm. There are no guarantees that parties requiring special seating will be seated as a group. The bleachers fill quickly. Gymnasium guests must be seated in the bleachers. No attendees will be permitted to stand in aisles, doorways, or the gymnasium perimeter due to Fire Department regulations. If all seats are filled, guests will be escorted to alternate seating outside the gymnasium. Strollers are not permitted.  Seating pads will be permitted, but must be no larger than 18” x 18”. Stadium seats with arms or backs or are larger than

    18” X 18” when set up will not be permitted. All children, regardless of age, must have a ticket to enter the gymnasium. There is no readmission to the Commons B/ Gymnasium area. Guests who leave this area will not be permitted to return. There are bathroom facilities available within this area.


    Everyone must have a ticket to enter the building. No one will be admitted to any part of the building if they do not have a ticket.


    Weather permitting; graduates will exit the gymnasium to the courtyard area in front of the school for photographs. In case of rain, graduates will exit to the Commons area outside the Gymnasium.


    9. Graduation Parking

    Parking for graduation will begin at 4:00 pm on, Friday, June 10. No guests will be permitted to enter the parking areas before this time. Stopping or parking on Guinea Station or Route 1 is not safe. Spotsylvania County Sheriff deputies will direct traffic and will ticket and/or tow cars parked illegally. Please do not arrive before 4:00 pm. Parking will be in the faculty and stadium/student lots.  Students are issued a parking permit for the event at graduation practice. This permit will specify either the Faculty or Stadium lot. The Faculty lot is located off of Guinea Station Road, and the Stadium lot is off of Route 1. Each graduate family will be permitted to bring one car onto campus. Families that need more than one car can use overflow parking at the Spotsylvania School Board office or Thornburg Middle School. Shuttle busses are provided before and after the ceremony to transport guests from and to their vehicles.  Guests who need to drop passengers off at the door should enter the lot they will be parked in and inform the parking lot attendants of their need. There are drop-off locations for each lot.


    Please inform out of town guests about the parking restrictions. Every year there are avoidable misunderstandings that can result in guests being late for the ceremony.


    Graduates who drive will be required to park at Thornburg Middle School.  We appreciate Mr. Tower and his staff for allowing us this courtesy which provides additional parking for our graduate’s families at MHS.  Shuttle buses will run from Thornburg to MHS to transport our graduates.  Seniors should start arriving at Thornburg by 3:30 pm on Friday, June 10, to ensure timely arrival to MHS.


    After the ceremony, shuttle busses will return you to the School Board Office or Thornburg Middle School. For safety reasons, guests are not permitted to cross Route 1 on foot and will be stopped by the order of Spotsylvania County Police if they attempt to do so. There is no crosswalk, and drivers do not expect pedestrians to cross the road at MHS.


    Questions should be directed to:


    Stuart Flinn and Shana Sabourin

    Senior Class Advisors