• FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 27, 2018


    The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has fully accredited all 29 Spotsylvania County Public Schools according to the VDOE guidelines for this year.

    “Our school system’s continuous and sustained improvement in response to more rigorous accountability standards is reflective of the commitment of our teachers and staff to support personalized instruction so that every student’s educational needs are met,” commented Dr. Scott Baker, Spotsylvania County Public Schools’ Superintendent. He added, “While we are pleased and proud of these improvement efforts, we will continue to focus on addressing the learning needs of the ‘whole’ child. I appreciate that the new state accreditation standards are intended to support more comprehensive school and system improvement efforts rather than a more narrow focus on annual SOL test results.”

    In 2014, when the SOLs became more rigorous and accountability standards were changed, only 66% of the Division’s schools met every State accreditation standard. In just four years, 100% of Spotsylvania County Public Schools have received full accreditation status. Additionally this year, Spotsylvania County Public Schools is anticipating to reach an on-time graduation of 91.24%, which is an all-time high for the Division.

    “We are proud of the great strides our students have made over the past several years,” said Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Carol Flenard. “We will continue to work with the State for a greater understanding of the new formulas being used to determine accountability status.”

    The Division encourages parents who would like a more comprehensive understanding of their child’s education and assessment scores to contact their child’s school.