Early Childhood Special Education

  • What We Do:

    • Work with children in 1:1 settings, small and larger group settings.
    • Monthly home visits with all families, parental support.
    • Work to increase skills and abilities to the level of typically developing peers and prepare students to enter kindergarten with age appropriate skills.
    • Work on attending skills
    • Toilet Training
    • Teach children appropriate play and social skills
    • Address any developmental delays


    Population we serve:

    • Children ages 2 to 5
    • Students with Developmental Delays, Autism, Speech and Language impairments.  These children have delays in one or more developmental areas that may include:  Cognitive, Adaptive, Expressive Language, Receptive Language, Social, Fine and Gross Motor Skills. All ECSE Students have IEP’s.


    Classes at John J. Wright:  

    • 2 ECSE Two's Class
    • 3 ECSE Three/Four Classes
    • 1 ECSE Autism Class
    • 1 ECSE HS Inclusion Class
    • PT/OT Therapy Room
    • Speech


    Mrs. Muse, Coordinator of ECSE