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  • All Spotsylvania County Public Schools Are State Accredited

    The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has accredited all Spotsylvania County Public Schools (SCPS) – 26 are fully accredited and 3 are partially accredited, according to the VDOE guidelines for this year.
    “Our school division’s continuous improvement is a direct reflection of the dedication and hard work of our teachers, leaders, support staff, and community all working together to support the needs and success of our students,” commented Dr. Scott Baker, Spotsylvania County Public Schools’ Superintendent.
    Spotswood Elementary made substantial improvements over the past two years and is no longer identified as a Focus School. Based on reading and mathematics performance of Proficiency Gap Groups, Riverview Elementary has been designated as a Focus School for 2016-2017.  
    “We have developed specific supports for Riverview Elementary similarly to the support Spotswood Elementary received and expect to see considerable student growth and achievement over the next year at Riverview Elementary,” said Carol Flenard, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction of SCPS.
    The other two partially accredited schools are Chancellor Middle and Post Oak Middle schools.  It is important to note that Chancellor Middle is within 1% and Post Oak Middle is within 5% of meeting the State accreditation benchmark for English.   It is anticipated that both schools’ scores will meet or exceed the state requirements next year.
    Several SCPS schools had significant mathematics SOL gains in every sub group – these schools include Brock Road Elementary, Smith Station Elementary, Spotswood Elementary, Wilderness Elementary, Thornburg Middle, Chancellor High, and Riverbend High schools.
    Over the past two years, Smith Station Elementary had a 20% increase, Thornburg Middle had a 20% increase, Spotswood Elementary had a 17% increase, and Spotsylvania High had a 17% increase     in Mathematics SOL performance.
    Four schools had improvement in all subgroups for two content areas – these schools include Parkside Elementary (Reading and History), Smith Station Elementary (Math and History), Thornburg Middle (Math and Reading) and Riverbend High (Math and Writing). =
    Three schools had gains in every content area – these schools include Lee Hill Elementary, Smith Station Elementary, and Spotswood Elementary.
    The Division’s most recent round of assessments reflect:
     -29/ 29 of SCPS are state accredited.
     -26/29 of SCPS are fully accredited.
     -26/29 of SCPS met or exceeded accreditation benchmarks in reading.
     -69% of all schools achieved an increase in Reading SOL performance.
     -29/29 of SCPS met or exceeded accreditation benchmarks in math.
     -59% of all schools achieved an increase in Mathematics SOL performance.
     -ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students achieved a 6% increase in FGI (Federal Graduation Indicator)
     -All high schools have met or exceeded the State’s Graduation Completion (GCI) of 85 points.
    Parents who would like a more comprehensive understanding of their child’s education and achievement are encouraged to contact their child’s school.

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